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not only new to this site but new to hunting

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by dana72, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. i just got interested in hunting this year because my boys ages 9 and 11 are wanting to start deer hunting i came across this site looking for info about hunters education i am their mom i am sure thats probely strange but their dad is always at work so it became my job to do most of the outdoor stuff please forgive me if i ask alot of questions but my boys can't be good hunters if i do not teach them thanks i hope to talk to you all dana
  2. Welcome to the site. I have two girls ages 9 and 10 whom I started taking out with me last year.
    For deer hunting with small kids, I can't tell you how great hunting from a "ground blind" is. They are easy to find, pop up like little tents in little time, and the nice thing is the kids can move around in them more so than in a tree stand. They offer some wind protection which keeps the kids warmer, and keeps them more interested, they can grab a snack, all those things. One of my daughters does fine in a double tree stand with me, but they get much colder, so I have to pick my days well when I take her up into a tree.

    It's much easier to hunt firearms out of the blinds than archery, but some of the bigger blinds allow both. You'll pay in the $100-400 range for a good one.

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    Welcome to the site...there are a lot of knowledgable guys on the site when it comes to deer hunting.

    First, you need your kids to take a Hunters Education course before they can get their licenses. Here's a site that lists the locations:

    Good luck.
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  4. great to hear you want to get your kids started. I'd say to try and make their first experiences as positive as possible. Go on pleasant days. Don't go for too long at a time. The tent blind is a great idea. Stop at the convenience mart and get a special treat on the way home:)
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    Welcome to the sport and welcome to the site.
  6. Welcome to the site and welcome to the finest outdoor activity in America today. The tradition and history of hunting is as old as America itself and your boys will learn and enjoy the discipline it takes to hunt. You will find many points of view and many differing opinions on this site, but you will find us all to be very helpful. Just ask and we all will be falling all over eachother to put in our 2 cents. Have fun and let us help.

  7. thank you all so much i have found the hunter education course and i signed up my boys and myself for the class we will be taking it nov. 5 & 6 i figured if i don't have much knowledge about gun safty it would be best if i took the course with the kids. they are both very excited so my next issue is knowing what what guns to buy if anyone has any advise on this subject i would love to hear your thoughts. thanks again for all your help
  8. i started out with a New England Firearms 12 gauge single shot. Seems that you learn to make your first count with a single shot. Cheap to start with, too-- 80 to 90 dollars.
  9. My 13 year old girl has a Mossberg 500 Bantam in a 12ga. and she shot doves this year with no problem with her little arms.;)