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Not what deer hunting is supposed to be!!!

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by treehugger, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. What a joke. Its straight prostitution thats all. Its nothing more than pimping out deer for brokers who want to put giants in their pen so the big pocketed unethical bastards will spend their money and come shoot them. Its all gotta stop in every state, but until it does there will continually be this type of business. Unfortunate to say the least about it...

  2. It unfortunate that this is happening. There is big and I mean big money in raising these giant deer. I have seen where the semen from these type bucks sales for thousands of dollars. Plus I have heard where giant bucks sell for $100,000 and more. The semen is sold for big money the off spring is sold for big money so it will be a big job to shut them down. The thing that I don't like is how many of these type bucks are shoot inside a fence area and then enter into the record book. My feeling is if you shoot it in the fence you put it in a fence record book. Oh well there is always going to be cheaters in every thing just to get there name and picture in a book.
  3. I agree, SHUT THEM DOWN!! There is far too much emphasis on "Antlers" thesedays. I am happy to harvest A DEER regardless of if it has 2-points or 25-points or NO points!!
  5. oldbuckkiller

    oldbuckkiller Banned

    You guys need a history lesson, 1. if deer were not farmed and bred to be big we wouldn't have the deer we have now. 2. 26th president T.R. stated that we are in a crisis unless we have seasons and bag limits set, he created the U.S.F.W.S. then came state dnr's. 3. our deer came from a farms in montana owned by the president and others and there deer were bred to one day get huge now look at them we now have something that is a threat to the deer and you gripe about the deer farmer, and F. freakin Y. I. Deer will eat out of gut piles why corn and what happens next cwd. if you don't like this tough it's the truth.
  6. i respectevly disagree with you obk. yes there were stockings early on to some degree but not through high fence commercial deer farms. the stockings came from wild deer from states with higher deer populations. and i do give t.r. cridit for setting aside land that is now being slowly ripped from us but he wasn't in the buck breeding business. i don't know what your abbrieviated letters mean so i'll let it alone. i can honostly say i've never seen a deer eat out of a gut pile before or even heard of it. not all states were stocked and i don't know to what degree they ever were because of travel stress and the expense of it. i don't think this state or any other state needs a high fenced commercial deer farmer to grow big bucks and in no way should they recieve any credit for it. they are in it strictly for profit.
  7. Thanks for the "lesson."
  8. JL,is'nt that where you got the seimen from,for the caged buck behind your house?
  9. Rowdy


    That website is like free porn to Jimmy Houston.
  10. how old do deer get ? just wondering obk are there any around from that era

    join the future dude you need to protect the heard today not yesteryear
    and learn how to spell
  11. Ok, I have held off for so long in saying anything like this...but you have finally provoked me to say this after your latest show of ignorance...I really do believe you are mentally retarded and are most likely posting these outrageous comments from either a psych ward in prison or from a full fledged mental hospital. My prayers are sincerely with you. I hope you do get better and have a full recovery but at the same time hope you will not be released back into society.
  12. Rowdy


    Everyone here in Cornfield County says.....SALUTE!
  13. I just don't know what to say.