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Notes from IDNR meeting:

Discussion in 'Questions about Indiana Hunting/Fishing Laws' started by jackc99, Oct 30, 2005.

  1. Forestry - get the word out to support the IDNR forest initiative to cut in the state forests. More cuts mean more wildlife so support IDNR in this. Also enforcement warns folks to watch for a rise in eco-terrorism so they need help catching the tree spikers, etc. DNR staff has already recived threats from the environmental community over the plan.

    Goose Pond - as most of you know by now the dedication of the Goose Pond will take place Tuesday the 8th with the Governor in attendance. 8,000 new acres for us to play in.

    Rules - the new administartive rules package (including landowner restrictions and the famous turtle package) will go to public hearing on November 29, 2005 at 5:00 PM at Atterbury FWA. Please comment as this is your last chance.

    Bellar - status of his herd is unknown. Family wants to get rid of it and they do not have a game breeders license anymore. We are down to 10 operating facilities in Indiana.

    Lawsuit - IDNR will go against Rodney Bruce Monday, October 31, 2005. It's Halloween guys. Look out.

    Recruit school - as Woody posted elsewhere the IDNR is looking for a few good men (and gals). They will need 25 new officers to replace retirements by summer 2007. Drop me a PM if you are interested.

    License fee increase - yup, again. Fishing this time. It will be a couple of bucks to the fishing license and combo licenses probably take effect in 2007.

    NRC - next regular meeting is November 15, 2005 at 10 AM at the Harrison in Indianapolis.

    Atterbury range - going forward but will take the range out for a year at least. Estimated cost has been revised upwards to $4,600,000 but no taxpayer money will be used.

    State Fair - the IDNR exhibit at the state fair is being redone and the area behind the building will have a fishing pond to introduce kids to fishing. Looking for volunteers.

    Archery in the schools - is growing by leaps and bounds. Turkey Federation guys dedicated $10,000 to the program each year to get this going. Time for others to step up and make this a success.

    Youth - Deer season next year. Youth free hunting week-end next year. Turkey season? Maybe next year but likely the year after. New youth camp? The corporate movers and shakers are the secret to this one. Could happen vey soon and is at the top of Kyle's list.

    And this is how I spent my Saturday in October.

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    Thanks for the information...interesting article in this Sunday's Journal Gazette...Outdoor editor, Phil Bloom, writing about grouse hunting, or lack of, in Indiana, which hes says is too bad because it's a native bird. The article is about Indiana hunters going to Wisconsin to hunt.
    He mentions what we all know...old forests are bad for cuttings help all wildlife.

    I'm trying to find the article so I can post it.


  3. I know the guys he went with. I think they each were seeing upwards of 30 birds a day and probably killed about 3 apiece. Sounded like a lot of fun and I almost went with them but am saving for Africa.

  4. Hey thanks for the update! What is the "turtle package"
  5. couple questions, same as googleeye, what's the turtle package?

    when was this meeting?

    were size limits of any species discussed(guess which one I am wondering about).
    Any idea if Jed Pearson or Stu Shipman were in attendance and if so did they contribute anything of interest? Thanks..
  6. The FWCC (Fish & Wildlife Conservation Committee) meets quarterly with IDNR to stay in touch on a variety of subjects. The committee was established by Governor Bayh I think and is limited to 20 representatives of the major sportsmens groups. I'm assuming that Jed and Stu are with the Musky Hunters and they are not represented on the FWCC. No size limits were discussed on Musky but they were hinted at for smallmouth.

    The meeting was last Saturday, October 29, 2005 at Fort Harrison State Park.

    The "turtle package" basically prohibits the taking of the eastern box turtle from the wild in Indiana.

  7. Jed is a fisheries biologist for the dnr and Stu is his boss in charge of fisheries for the dnr region Kosciusko is in. I was assuming that it was a meeting of dnr guys, not sportsman groups. Neither of the two Musky Inc. clubs from Indiana are represented? The reason I ask is the Muskie Inc groups are pretty big and probably should have at least one guy representing both groups. Any idea how I could contact the right people about this, are one you of those people maybe? Thanks Kevin
  8. The FWCC is limited to 20 citizen members of which I am one. This number is locked until one of the member groups leaves or is forced out. Fisheries is usually represented by Bill James but he was out sick Saturday. If someone wants to get on the FWCC they should contact the DNR Director, Kyle Hupfer.