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november bow hunting

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by scrapewatcher, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. looking for your tips and tricks on fighting the cold and chills hunting long hrs. in the stand . let's face it we've all been there, frozen feet, chills. being comfertable sure helps
  2. seabee

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    Layers, Layers , Layers

  3. Try to not to get too hot and sweaty on the way to stand or while climbing. Take your time and stay cool. Don't over drink before going hunting. Seems like 6 oz. of whatever you drink turns to 2 gallons once you get cooled down. Carry some of your clothes to your hunting area instead of wearing them and getting too hot. Dress in layers. Keep your hands, feet, and head warm. Once the hands and feet get cold....lights out. Get accustomed to the colder weather leading up to hunting season. You can't go from the recliner to the treestand and expect to be comfortable.
  4. Its not all about the layers. The key is to start with thin layers and work up to a good fleece vest or jacket under your outer layer. I usually go with the layered system something like this. Silk Long underwear and socks, then military issue polypro for really cold days, then Hunting pants and then finally if its gonna be around 0-10 ill put the wool on. The top half I always remember my fleece. Layers of fleece seem to work best for me. I will usually go with a fleece vest then a fleece lined jacket. Remember to keep the middle part of your chest warm. Keep the main organs warm and that will keep the rest of your body warm. For your feet, I used to use those super huge socks and cram them in my boots. Not a good idea they cut circulation off and dont allow your feet room to breath. Again a thin pair of socks with a pair of smart wool socks. Smart wool is amazing stuff. Sometimes you can find the set of thin socks that come with the smart wool socks at gander mountain. Thats what I wear.
  5. i think i've beat the cold feet problem. i take a pair of ski socks put one foot warmer inside on the bottom slide it over my regular hunting socks put a warmer in between my boot liner and boot on the top and lace up my boots then slide a pair of icebreaker boot booties over the hunting boots "wala" warm feet in very cold weather for a very long sit. this is not meant for walking. 5 to 6 hrs. on stand your feet will not get cold.
  6. One of the best things I have found for keeping feet warm is to use a pair of nylon dress socks as the base layer before putting on an additional pair of hunting socks. The dress socks are a great insulator. There is a fine line between having warm feet and hot don't want your feet to get too hot and sweaty and then get cold.
  7. Warm feet

    Insulated knee high rubber boots. 1000 grams is what I buy for winter.
  8. Cold feet - nylon/cool max liner socks, wool socks, insulated pac boots works for me. If you need additional protection, add an insulated overboot which will run about $50 and will keep your feet toasty.

    Otherwise - smart layers. For the coldest weather, I wear a thin coolmax baselayer shirt and pant, Scent-Lok baselayer shirt and pant, insulated bibs (rarely do I add another long underwear or fleece layer under the bibs), long underwear top, camo turtleneck, windshear vest, and parka. When walking to the stand, I carry the parka, and turtleneck. Add a windproof, insulated stocking hat, insulated mittens with glove liners and maybe a face mask, and you should be able to sit on stand for 4-5 hours. I almost never wear all of this, and I hunt even when it is ridiculously cold, but I will advise that I tolerate cold weather very well.

    One last trick - although I have never done it, you can take one of those self contained back heating pads and place it on your back, close as possible to your kidneys which will warm your blood as it circulates. Probably should put the heating pad on top of your thin base layer.
  9. Indy Archer....good point. I have used these back heating pads. I've had lower back problems for years. They do work great to keep you help alleviate back pain and to keep you warm while deer hunting. I apply them directly to my skin.
  10. these are great tips. keepem coming.
  11. HI fellas, Of course I've got a smart alleck response.......

    If you want to stay warm in a deer stand in November, then go hunt in Iowa, or any of the other "big buck states". There are so many nice bucks around that you don't have time to get cold. Kinda like ice's bitter cold, but if the fish are biting, you don't notice it so much.....
  12. heck that sounds like a great idea.
  13. Same here, but I go a little farther. The Arctic Shield boot insulators. These babies just slide right over your boots while you are sitting on stand or on the ground, etc. I have had a pair for 3 three years and I have yet to experience cold feet since I spent the 50 bucks a Rural King.
  14. Right on the mark JoshS - same thing as the overboots that I talked about. They work like a charm.