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NRC aproves ban on hihg fence hunting

Discussion in 'Indiana Outdoor News' started by jbwhttail, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Today the Indiana Natural resources Committee approved the emergency rule put in place last summer to ban paid shooting behind a high fence for whitetail deer and any and all exotics, this includes elk, hogs ect....

    The next step is legal approval by the Attorny General and signed by the Governor. The rule will now become permanent!

    Guess I aint a step behind when it comes to important issues....;)
  2. Good news, but don't count your chickens till the governor hatches them. Thanks for passing that along.

  3. Great to hear its gotten this far. Hopefully it keeps going in the right direction.
  4. don't count

    Indy, I don't believe that the Director would have pursued this as he has and had the NRC vote on it without the Governors approval. First the Director was appointed by the Governor and answers to the Governor, secondly I am sure the Governor was kept up to date by the Republican leadership as the bills concerning this moved in the past legislature.

    "Mitch" has spoken on this..... behind closed doors at least. Nothing gets this far without a Governors approval.
  5. Put And Takes???

    In indiana outdoors news they said this ban would cause all od the upland preserves (put and takes) to be closed by the year 2013. That part of the law is (pardon my french) BULL****!!!!!!!
  6. Put and Take

    Nothing in the ban addresses either "put and take" nor bird preserves!

    It is only Whitetail deer and exotic mammals.......elk and bear are considered an exotic also in Indiana. Again no birds are in the wording.
  7. As well as you know to make this work they have to give and take something. I won't believe it until I see it
  8. Believe it. I was there today and I met with the director on another matter tonite.

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  9. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Sounds like a lot of good people did a lot of good work to get the high fence hunting banned.