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Numerous Gun-Related Bills In Indiana General Assembly Agenda

Discussion in 'Indiana Outdoor News' started by David4759, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. Numerous Firearms-Related Bills on the
    Indiana General Assembly's Agenda!

    With the General Assembly session underway, it is critically important that you contact your State Senator and State Representative regarding the firearms-related bills that are currently pending in Indianapolis. As expected, rabid gun-ban advocate State Representative David Orentlicher (D-86) is sponsoring two measures, House Bill 1089 and House Bill 1090 that seek to radically change Indiana's firearms statutes.

    If enacted, HB1089 would gut Indiana's firearm preemption statute and provide Marion County with the authority to establish its own regulations regarding the sale, transport, transfer and carrying of firearms, thus creating a patchwork of laws that could make a criminal out of otherwise law-abiding gun owners. In addition to that affront to law-abiding gun owners, State Representative Orentlicher's HB1090 seeks to end gun shows as we know them by defining a firearms dealer as any person who exhibits, sells, rents, exchanges, or transfers at least one firearm at a gun show. Further, a gun show would be defined as an event at which at least 50 firearms are offered for sale, rent, exchange or transfer. State Representative Orentlicher goes even farther to assault the Second Amendment by including language in HB1090 that prohibits the purchase of more than one handgun during any 30-day period!

    Thankfully, the news is not all bad for law-abiding gun owners in the Hoosier State as there are also several pro-gun measures which seek to further protect our Right to Keep and Bear Arms.
    State Representative Eric Koch (R-65) has filed NRA-supported House Bill 1011, the "Indiana Disaster Recovery Personal Protection Act" for the upcoming 2007 General Assembly session. In filing HB1011, State Representative Koch seeks to ensure that law-abiding firearm owners in the Hoosier State will not be stripped of their Right to Keep and Bear Arms during a declared state of emergency or disaster. Specifically, this proposal states that, "The state, a political subdivision, or any other person may not prohibit or restrict the lawful possession, transfer, sale, transportation, storage, display or use of firearms or ammunition during a disaster emergency, an energy emergency, or a local disaster emergency."

    Also, State Representative Jerry Denbo (D-62) has introduced NRA-supported legislation,
    House Bill 1118 that will allow law-abiding gun owners to store a firearm in a locked vehicle located in most public parking areas.

    Finally, State Senator Brent Steele (R-44) has introduced
    Senate Bill 0018, which, if enacted, will remove the requirement for Federal Firearms Licensees to provide the State Police with a copy of all approved federal form 4473 for handgun purchases.

    Please contact your State Senators at (317)-232-9400 or your State Representatives at (317)-232-9600 and strongly urge them to oppose both HB1089 and HB1090, and to support and vote for HB1011, HB1118 and SB0018.

    To find further contact information please use the
    "Write Your Representative" feature found at

  2. Don't we have enough gun laws on the books? I've got a good gun law, lets go after the clowns that own them illegally and throw their asses in jail. Leave the good guys alone.

  3. Just "Feel-Good" Laws

    All these Gun Control Laws; from the 1968 Gun control act up to the present gun laws are nothing more than feel good laws. They have not reduced gun violence, or any type gun related crime since they were placed in effect. The criminals will ALWAYS have their guns while the law abiding gun owner will have a bunch of red tape to wade through inorder to own a firearm. Actually it's more about "People Control" rather than Gun Control.
  4. David 4759 I agree with you, Always the good guys continue to get stepped on while the bad guys continue to set their own rules. Sometimes one has to wounder is it better to be a bad guy or a good one?? I will stay on the good side because I would not want to disrespect my Father if you know what I mean...
  5. "If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns."
  6. VERY TRUE !!!

    :rant: ​
  7. bad gun bills

    The only way we can fight this used toliet paper is to use our numbers and make a lot of phone calls and let them konw we vote and will vote
  8. These bills are from the 2007 general assembly. They don't exist anymore.