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Nuts... last week

Discussion in 'Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training' started by RPro, Dec 16, 2006.

  1. of the season coming up here. Gonna be a long spell even with the beagles to run and a coupla preserve hunts thrown in.

    Had a decent enough season; spent 8 days straight in MI touring around, staying with friends, getting lost, killing a few birds along the way. Spent a weekend up there earlier in the season too come to think of it, got a couple of grouse then and ran my Springer that trip. Fun!

    Pheasant season started out tough with my brother having health problems it was tough to get out, but after that improved so did the hunting. Lost count, maybe a dozen wild birds this year, that ain't bad for taking a few Saturday morning walks and a few strolls after work for an hour or so.

    Hope you all had a good one, too. This last week is going to be tough to get out what with Christmas coming up and all. So have a Merry Christmas all, and a Happy New Year.
  2. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    I hear you. Thank God Michigan pheasant stays open to Jan. 1 down south. Also, quail in Southern Indiana stays open till Jan. 15. Bird dogs become only house dogs again...kind of tough to come down from.

    Usually, we schedule a preserve hunt sometime in Feb. just for fun.

    Have a good Christmas.


  3. I aint done yet boys- got wed thurs frid sat all dayers if needed, gonna run the pads off them dogs, shot 4 birds last Friday afternoon and gonna bang em again starting tommorro then I am off to Southern IN for some Quail I hope. Maybe even back to Iowa if my old man wants to go.

    Will Post later on how the next 4 days went

    Keep the wind in your face and the dogs on point
  4. Sounds like a great time Doc, you'd best let us in on a full report. Got two Sunday evening, smart SOB's are getting harder to hem in as the season goes along. I think we're about evenly matched IQ-wise right now. That formula looks like this Me+Springer+Brit = Rooster. Takes all three of us to out smart them now.

    Got 2 turkeys and 2 ducks to smoke tomorrow evening, plus go get a used pickup I bought, no hunt tomorrow. Thursday is run my brother to the doc in the afternoon, if the doc is on time I may make it back for a quickie then. Slid a whole fresh ham into brine tonight to be smoked for Christmas with my kids on Saturday. Taking Friday off to do that, they're supposed to be up Friday afternoon and stay over and be here all day Saturday. Prolly not a hunt there either. Sunday morning? Maybe? Then it's off to the in-laws, oh joy.
  5. End of the season didn't stack up the way I had planned.

    First day, hunted pointed a covey of Quail, got hung in the briars and coiuldn't shoot, then the covey sailed long off the property, (been hunted hard) Dog points two roosters buddy missed both.

    Second Day, Rain Rain Rain- Neither dog performed well. shot one Rooster and called it a day around 12:00 Do you Guys ever have trouble with your dogs scenting in real hard rain??

    3rd Day- Took Some guys out in the Am they shot 5, I went back that afternoon and banged down 2 Good Day

    4th Day Went to the field, field was dang near totally flooded, no bird hunting today

    Still had a solid end of the season I don't know how many indiana birds I got but will post later.

    How bout you guys how did it end for yall
  6. Went out very quietly Doc, with the weather and Christmas, I took the dogs for a run Christmas eve as I recall, got nothing but wet despite the Goretex. Hey, I had a decent enough season, killed some local birds, spent some time in MI and killed a few, had the pleasure of seeing my 8 year old Brit do the best she ever has at pinning grouse. No complaints.
  7. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Still trying to decide wheather or not to make the trip to southern IN for some end of the season quail hunting...last year was great, but it might be tough to take the time.
  8. I was thinkin of doin the same thing CCav. It is a long trip and last years trip was unproductive.

    Two Questions for you bird hunters:

    1 Have you ever had trouble with dogs not scenting well in the heavy rain??

    2. I swear my 1 short hair is starting to not point quail very well. When he was 1 and 2 he pointed the heck out of em. He is a Heck of a Pheasant dog but his quail hunting has taken a back seat I beleive. Any suggestions. Other info about him. Points chukkars fine, Hates Woodcocks won't point or retrieve them.