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NWTF Jakes Day - Steuben Co. Youth

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by DEC, May 21, 2007.

  1. Just wanted to let everyone know about another great youth program that is out there. The NWTF Jakes program is for getting the youth involved in hunting, turkeys, and the outdoors. On Sunday, I took both of my young daughters to the Steuben Co. Jakes Day event. There were approximately 50 kids in attendance. The NWTF put on a good show that was free to all the kids and parents. They had three C.O.'s in attendance to explain firearms safety, general hunting safety, and provide search demonstrations using Sarg an outstanding yellow lab. Sarg was able to find a hand gun and then a .32 caliber shell in a grass field by only using the power of his nose. Pretty impressive display.

    Everyone got a nice lunch free as part of the event. After lunch the kids got to participate in a fishing demonstration and then a clay shooting activity. Any kid that wanted to got to shoot clay pigeons. I was one proud dad when my 5 year old daughter (Sydney) stepped to the line not once, but twice, to shoot a youth .410 at a thrown clay. :coolgleam She was grinning ear to ear as that is the first time she's ever shot a "real" gun.

    Afterwards, they had a drawing for the youth. Every kid left with something. My oldest daughter (Trevor) won a 20 ga. H&R shot gun.:coolgleam

    All in all, another fine youth event. I can't encourage my fellow hunters enough to please get involved with one of these fine hunting organizations and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take your kids or a neighbors kids. These kids are our future in the hunting sports.:coolgleam
  2. That is awesome Derek...again...

  3. I had seen the signs yesterday for the jakes program pointing which way to go. I'm assuming it was at Frank's again DEC? It is truely a great program to take kids too. There isn't a better way to waste a day than doing something like that.
  4. Yea, it was at Frank's. Nice place. Good turn out. Just all around good times.:coolgleam