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OBR a little while longer

Discussion in 'Indiana Outdoor News' started by BGGooseKiller, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. The DNR has proposed extending the one buck rule for another five years,
    with the ending date of September 1, 2012, as a result of the support from
    deer hunters around the state. At the meeting, DNR biologists will present
    the results of a recent deer hunter survey as well as deer harvest data. A
    summary of the one buck rule survey can be found at:

    The one buck rule refers to current deer hunting regulations that allow only
    one antlered deer to be taken per hunter per year with regular archery,
    firearm, and muzzleloader licenses. The rule was implemented in the fall of
    2002 and has an expiration date of Sept. 1, 2007. Before 2002, up to two
    bucks could be taken by a hunter each year.

    In addition to the one buck rule proposal, the DNR has also proposed
    permanent rule changes to allow handguns on DNR properties if the individual
    has a valid handgun license for personal protection. Proposals also include
    allowing individuals to carry a handgun while hunting deer and turkey, and
    while chasing raccoons. These changes are already in effect as temporary
    rule modifications signed by DNR Director Kyle Hupfer.

    If the NRC gives preliminary adoption to the rule proposals, a public
    hearing would take place next year and opportunity will also be given to
    send comments to the Natural Resources Commission via e-mail and written

    To view the proposed rule language, go to:
    Click on the "November Commission Meeting" and view agenda items 7 and 8.

    The NRC will also consider additional rule changes for final adoption at the
    meeting in November, including an extension of the eastern cottontail rabbit
    season and squirrel season and removal of Madison from the list of urban
    deer zones. A few other technical changes were made to the list of native
    reptiles and amphibians and game breeder license rule. A full report,
    including all of the public comments and response by the DNR, is also
    available at:

    Click on the "November Commission Meeting" and view agenda item 13. If the
    rule changes are given final adoption by the NRC and approved by the
    Attorney General's Office and Governor, they will become law early next

    The NRC meeting will be held Nov. 14 at 10 a.m. (EST) in the Garrison
    Conference Center at Ft. Harrison State Park in Indianapolis. The meeting is
    open to the public.

    Individuals who need reasonable modifications for effective participation in
    public meetings should call the DNR Division of Fish and Wildlife ADA
    coordinator at 317-232-4200 (voice and TDD).

    Media contact,
    Linnea Petercheff,

  2. We have to take baby steps Brew and someday maybe it will be a permanent ruling. You know how things are in this neck of the woods, government can't make a cutting edge decision without many years of hand ringing first.
  3. Yes, I back the Treehugger up (Did I really just say that?). In time we'll have the deer herd that we should have had all along. Keep the faith gentlemen....and the rest of you too. Until then, keep passing up the juniors and harvest those surplus does.
  4. I, for one, am VERY happy with this!! We all are starting to see what we should have been seeing years ago.....this is a work in progress!!! As Dean said....keep the faith!
  5. It's the right thing to do............and it's going to be done. The State has turned the corner. :coolgleam
  6. WOW WOW one buck rule for another five years that's great and look like a good start for OBR for every. Now gang it's our time to show that it works. Let those small bucks walk and just have fun watching them do there thing and learn the thing they do and how they act and that alone will make us all better hunters. OBR rules
  7. Meeting today

    I attended the NRC meeting today, the OBR was approved by unanimous preliminary vote to continue until Sept1 2012. There will be at least one(1) public meeting to hear furhter comment and opportunity for public comment by email or letters. People need to let the NRC know their feelings, you can do it here......

    Click on the Natural Resources Commission

    I found it interesting that Dr Mitchell contributed the 65% 1 1/2 year old harvest to a three buck limit, then it dropped after we returned to a two buck. He also stated "something happened" in the last four years but without returning to a two buck limit for a few years he could not say it was the OBR.

    His comments included that the first year there was alot of opposition to the OBR and since it has been smaller each year, and that the opposition while small today is very vocal. He also stated that the survey of 10,000 deer hunters this summer was "rock solid" as evidence Hoosier deer hunters want to continue the OBR.He also said the data collected on age structure of whitetail deer in Indiana over the past 20 years is "rock solid". The deer herd is only sampled by fawns (male and female) 1 1/2 year old male and female and male and female deer over 2 years of age. Tooth wear is not reliable after 2 1/2 years of age until a deer reaches 7 or 8 years.

    Other comments were..........

    "This is not a deer herd health issue".....did not say it was biological health or social health.

    "This is social issue of deer hunters"

    "This will not affect the management of the deer herd as far as numbers."

    "this will not have fiscal impact to the IDNR."

    The Indiana Sportmans Roundtable was present and supported the rule, no one spoke in opposition. There were several of us who support the OBR present and ready to speak, we were not needed so we set back and watched.

    Thanks to the folks who took time to go to the meeting.

    We continue on............

  8. Great news JB!!! Thanks for the update.
  9. :biggrin: !!!!! Sweeet Victory at last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hail the One Buck Rule!!!!!!!!!! Sweet Jesus Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Are there any graphs of the meeting today Joe?
  10. This is the news that the Majority knew was the right thing for our state. :coolgleam

    I cannot help but laugh at the comments of "the opposition to the OBR is small and loud". :evil: :evil: Somebody ain't gonna sleep good for a few nights after a comment like that..............:evilsmile

    (Prarietalon........Guardian of the OBR...........Don't leave home without it.):evil:
  11. Graph...............

    Yea we saw one, it was a straight line ............ death to traditional deer management!

    On a serious note. Don't rest, write emails to the NRC. They had a few pages of comments already sent to them. I have no idea who has sent emails in in the past few weeks, but do not let someone else determine your future.

    Write your feelings about the OBR to

    Click on the Natural Resources Commission
  12. I hope everyone understands that this is just the first step in the rule process. The rule was PRELIMINARY adopted today. That means we will now have at least one public meeting and lots of public input. So as JB has said click on the link and make your wishes (OBR or not) known to the NRC or someone else will be making your decision for you.

  13. Thanks for posting the link, sent my email to them today!