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OBR hats.......

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by jbwhttail, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. Here is a link to OBR hats..............

    they will be available in the next couple of days as well as other IDHA gear.

    To the Administrators:

    This is not an attempt to advertise a for profit enterprise but a non profit organization that is working on many sportsmen issues. If you choose to delete this post I/we understand....

    the hats will be white or Kahki and say

    I support

  2. Not seein' anything when I click on the hyperlink.

  3. OBR Hats

    Same here Joe. I am unable to see anything when I open it up.

  4. Got an error message, then a search page with the same address. Clicked on it and the Cafe website opened but couldn't find any OBR hats.

    there this is the right link... it was missing the m in .com.... the hats are about half way down the page.
  6. Thanks for the help I goofed the .com
  7. Didn't do your homework did you JB? Ok, sorry I couldn't resist. :bonk:
  8. They Have A Sticker To....Want to order by phone the number is Toll Free 877-809-1659[​IMG]
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  9. My order is in!

    Placed my order today for a hat and shirt!
  10. what??????

    What.......not offered in camo or floral patterns?

  11. tie-dye 'em!
  12. Got mine today

    I took off of work early yesterday to hunt. When I arrived at my desk this morning there was a box on top with my order. The OBR hat and IDHA shirts are nice quality, I was pleased.

    JB, does the IDHA recieve any monies from these sales? Nice stuff, Joe.

    I just may have to be wearing that hat when I post the next photo for the deer contest!!
  13. Tiny Bubbles!!!

    That's fine, but please leave the Don Ho shirt at home.
  14. OK, next deer photo gets the Don Ho and OBR workin'