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    Didnt know if you guys seen this or not, i just got the email, Thanks

    Advisory Council will discuss one buck rule

    The Natural Resources Advisory Council will discuss the one buck rule
    on Oct. 11 at 10:30 a.m. (EDT) in Indianapolis.

    At the meeting, Indiana Department of Natural Resources biologists will
    present the results of a recent deer hunter survey as well as deer
    harvest data. The DNR will also provide a recommendation to the advisory
    council regarding the one buck rule.

    The public is invited to attend the meeting and provide comments. The
    advisory council will then give the Natural Resources Commission a
    summary of the public comments and a recommendation.

    The one buck rule refers to current deer hunting regulations that allow
    only one antlered deer to be taken per hunter per year with regular
    archery, firearm, and muzzleloader licenses. The rule was implemented in
    the fall of 2002 and has an expiration date of Sept. 1, 2007. Before
    2002, up to two bucks could be taken by a hunter each year.

    The Advisory Council meeting will be at 10:30 a.m. (EDT) at the Ft.
    Harrison State Park Office Conference Room. Ft. Harrison State Park is on
    the eastside of Indianapolis. The gate entrance is at 59th St. and N.
    Post Rd.

    The Natural Resources Commission will have an opportunity to give
    preliminary adoption to the rule proposal on November 14. The public will be
    notified of the NRC meeting via Wild Bulletin. After preliminary
    adoption, there will again be an opportunity for public comments.

    A new single-entity Natural Resources Advisory Council was established
    by P.L. 95-2006 to replace the former Advisory Council for Lands and
    Cultural Resources and the former Advisory Council for Water and Mineral

    A summary of the one buck rule survey can be found at:

  2. Look how someone in IDNR put their little tidbit in the part about 27% "strongly" supporting, and another 27% "moderately" supporting the "trial" 2-3 year return to multiple buck. It reads "certainly reflecting confidence in IDNR to do what's best for the deer herd and hunters, in light of their supportive sentiment toward one-buck-rule." The 27% "strongly" supporting a return to a trial of multiple buck does IN NO WAY "reflect confidence in IDNR to do what's best.......

    I find it odd that they wouldn't also have commented about 71% of people being in favor of the OBR and its continuation. They could have also commented something like "showing an overwhelming majority support of keeping the OBR" after this information. There is, was, and will continue to be a bias against the OBR in the IDNR despite this overwhelming evidence that the hunters of Indiana are overwhelmingly in favor of the continuation of the OBR.

    Folks, these words weren't added by the unbiased group in Missouri.

    Actually, it appears that the folks at D.J. Case and Assoc. are the ones who added their little opinion about this. Anyone want to bet that they were told to do so??????
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  3. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.....that's what it's all about.
  4. Money, money money


    Your mind is always there isn't it. I'm afraid you are right on this one.

  5. It's just that the survey points to what we pretty much already knew. The state of Indiana is overwhelmingly in favor of the OBR (the survey results prove that 71% of Indiana's deer hunters are either strongly, or moderately in favor of keeping the OBR), and mature buck management in general. The fact that the state may do away with it, regardless of what the survey results prove means one thing. The current administration doesn't care what the residents of this state want. They will manipulate the results in any way shape or form to be able to sell more deer licenses, thus proving that they aren't managing the herd for the benefit of the deer themselves, nor the hunters that hunt them. It's all about the Benjamin$!!!!!!!!
  6. watch they will bring back L.L. next for a "limited time only". talk about a money maker, that would cause a frenzy.
  7. guarded

    I think we need to hear the recommendation at the meeting before we get our panties in an uproar. Might be getting all revved up for nothing!

  8. these people at idnr seem to be like my county commissioners by not listening to people
  9. Not us Deer Hunters.....always on Alert!!!!!;)
  10. didn't you know the dnr is out of money they want you to buy another tag so you can kill that basket rack buck that will run infront of a car and the insurance company won't have to pay for your car the party is over i'm moving to ohio:coco:

    money money money:bonk:
  11. Guys............stop it right here..........

    Let the process have a chance. Sometimes things are "worded" so it doesn't "appear" they have made up their mind. We have a lot better chance of passing this OBR if the pro OBR camp isn't already throwing mud at those that are about to make a critical decision for us and 70% of the hunters out there.........before the first meeting is even chaired on this now that the survey results are in.

    Influence them to make a positive choice with positive statements........not mud.
  12. Well said Dew!:bowdown:
  13. positive

    I am with you on that Dew!

  14. I agree. We should let the other wing of this debate be worried, not the pro-OBR side. As with any political machine even if they know things look bleak they will still want to put a positive spin on it in a way that will make them look their best in the end. I believe their statement "reflecting confidence in IDNR" allows them to do that regardless of outcome, and that's not a bad thing.