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OBR Statistics

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by November Sunrise, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. Those of us who are MI residents and who desire a OBR in our state have watched with great interest the impact of a OBR in your state.

    Here are some of the Indiana statistics that I find interesting:

    During the final three years of a two buck limit (’99-’01), an average of 18,497 bucks were taken that were 2.5 years or older. During the past three years of a OBR (’04-’06) the number of bucks 2.5 or older has averaged 26,713. Comparing ’99-01 to ’04-06, there has been a 44.4% annual increase in bucks harvested that were 2.5 or older.

    As recently as 1999 & 2000 Indiana's percentage of bucks that were 2.5 or older was 37-38%. In 2006, the percentage of bucks taken that were 2.5 or older in Indiana was 54%.

    From ’99-’01 the total harvest in Indiana was 46.2% antlered bucks. From ’02-’04 the total harvest was 45.3% antlered bucks. The ’05-06 total harvest was 40.5% antlered bucks.

    Specific to season breakdowns, Indiana early season archery results have shifted from 50.2% antlered deer in ’99-’01 to 37.4% antlered deer in ’05-’06. This is a 25.5% change.

    Firearm season results have moved from a 48.8% antlered deer kill in ’99-’01 to 46% antlered deer in ’05-’06. This is a 5.8% change.

    Late archery season results have dropped from a 23.6% antlered deer kill in ’99-’01 to 18.3% antlered deer in ’05-06. This is a 22.5% change.

    Muzzleloader season hunters have moved from a 20.4% antlered deer kill in ’99-’01 to 20% antlered deer in ’05-06. This is a 2% change.

    The Indiana harvest mix has now become equivalent to Ohio , which in recent years has averaged a harvest mix of around 40% antlered deer.
  2. Good info.............thanks for posting it.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully, someday, your state of great potential will recognize what a great program the OBR is and will instate it for you.
  4. It took us in Indiana six(6) years to get it passed, don't give up! We wanted the rule as a permanent rule, IDNR made it a five year trial(hoping to gather supprt to return to the two buck limit). they then did a large random hunter survey and found there was a much larger than anticipated support after only 4 years. Now we have another five years. The OBR will never(IMO) be made permanet. IDNR knows that by going in five year jumps they don't have to deal with the opponents year after year.............Some old school and antler hunters wont ever give up.

    I'll support you guys up there any way I can, I'm a phone call away from takling at any meeting you can get arranged.
  5. Yep, Sunrise, don't give up. We still have opponents claiming that it was a "societal" decision and not a biological one. As you know that is Hoo Hoo. The OBR has created a much better biological herd than there ever has been in Indiana. Mother Nature intended for there to be many mature bucks in the the past, the overharvesting of bucks caused just the opposite. You'll never convince everyone that going to a One Buck Rule is a good thing up there, but the majority of hunters don't understand proper deer management like you do. If you listen to every negative voice then you'll never see change.

    Remember EDUCATION is key...Good luck.
  6. Well said Deano.....
  7. obr in Michigan

    Hey you guys should try for starters to just get OBR approved for southern Michigan, use the same zones you have for rifle/shotgun. In 5 years everyone will want to hunt in south zone.
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