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OBR support

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by pigeonflier, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. Records support rule



    John Bogucki says there's no better time to kill a trophy buck in Indiana.

    "I'm convinced that the one-buck rule is responsible in the increase in the trophy deer being killed in Indiana," says Bogucki, a biology teacher at Clay High School.

    Bogucki points to the Hoosier Record Book as proof. He's been the record keeper for the Indiana Deer Hunters Association record program for the past eight years. He's also an official scorer for several other deer record books and a statistical nut.

    The one-buck rule has been an Indiana law for four years of a five-year experiment. Presently, if you kill a buck during the early bow season, you can only shoot antlerless deer thereafter.

    Prior to the experiment, you could take a buck with a bow and a gun during the November season.

    Bogucki refutes Division of Fish and Wildlife contentions that the one-buck rule has had little impact on the quality of deer in Indiana. While biologists admit that there are more older bucks roaming the state today, they contend that it's a trend that began 10 years ago.

    Bogucki says record book entries show otherwise.

    "Yes, there was an increase before, but there has been a profound increase since the law went into effect prior to the 2002 season," he said.

    For example, the number of Hoosier Record Buck entries for the three years prior to the law rose from 212 in 1999 to 240 in 2001. In 2002, the first full season, entries rose to 285, 345, and 371 in subsequent years. The final 2005 tally isn't completed, but Bogucki suspects it will exceed 300 again.

    "There's additional proof in the number of Boone and Crockett record deer taken in Indiana," said Bogucki. "The first year of the one-buck rule there were 11, then 19, 18, and in 2005, I've counted 20 even though we're not finished tabulating those. And that's only the ones that were entered in the Hoosier book."

    Boone and Crockett's minimum scoring standards are higher than those established for the Hoosier Record Book.

    "We've been killing more Boone and Crockett deer in Indiana than they do in Michigan," said Bogucki. "And it's been happening ever since the one buck rule went into effect."
  2. Nice Article JB................Amen Brotha!! :coolgleam

  3. Go get 'em General John. Can't believe they gotta away with calling John a "statistical nut".:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:
  4. Natural Resources Advisory Council

    Meeting was held today, October 11, 2006 at Ft. Harrison State Park. Major topic was the One Buck Rule. Several interesting statements:

    1. Approximately 40% of the surveys sent out were returned.
    2. DNR needs to make a decision soon whether to continue the OBR. Reasoning is the publication of the Hunting Guide will be finalized this spring so now is the time to get a rule before the Natural Resources Commissio.
    3. Support for the OBR is ~ 70%.
    4. The Director of DNR personally is a 2 buck man, however the agency will most likely forward a recommendation to continue the OBR for another 5 years.
    5. IBA and QDMA both suport the OBR.
    6. 4 speakers from the audience favored continuing the OBR, One opposed, one just wants closure.
    7. 5 emails in favor of the OBR and 1 against.
    8. Dr. Mitchell said it best - the decision is not a biological decison, it is a societal decision.

  5. The IDHA was not there???Societal decison a love that 1 :bowdown:
  6. There were members of the IDHA there but no one spoke up representing the organization. You have to remember that this is the Advisory Council. All they can do is advise the NRC who makes the rules. Also they forward all comments pro and con to the NRC.

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  7. Have you ever had a deer scored by John???!!! :yikes: :biggrin:

    Meticulous isn't even the word! I really enjoyed my time with him, he walked me through the entire scoring process and explained every detail.

    It took 3 hours, but well worth it!
  8. "1 email against"


    You'd think that one particular site alone could have mustered up more than ONE email.

    Cry and whine, yet won't make their voices heard when given the opportunty. Pretty sad.

    Then again, there were only 5 for it. Maybe all the emails were not reported or just no one emailed them. I know I did.
  9. The OBR might not be "a biological decision" according to Dr. Mitchell, but it has produced the best biological herd the state has EVER seen. The one buck rule, in conjunction of harvesting excess antlerless (does) deer is the best "biological decision" this state has ever seen. These days certain members of society who are well versed in modern whitetail deer management are very capable of modern deer management. Shooting two bucks per year wasn't a biological decision weren't several other methods of management used over the years.

    Just wait and watch what Indiana produces this year everyone. It will only back up what John Bogucki said in the above article and what many others have said too. Watch a state record go down this year. Anyone want to guess which one it might be? I'm saying that the state record Typical firearms buck isn't long for the world. It's the 193" and change Bates and Winkler buck.....
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  10. My thoughts on this is for every 5 e-mails of support......he gets 1 of non-support. I'll bet that is what he was reffering to.


    How Dew I say this............

    :evilsmile ​
  11. Idha..........

    The IDHA did not attend and give a position today as there ws no need to. "IF" today's meeting would have had a bearing on the outcome we would have had a statement and position.

    IDHA leadership believes:

    1. IDNR conducted a repesentative survey of Hoosier hunters.

    2.IDNR received a valid number of completed surveys to make a reasonable conclusion on deer hunters wishes and trust in IDNR management of the deer herd today.

    3. IDNR is correct that this is no longer a biological issue and a social concern and should be treated as such.

    4. Five years is a reasonable time period, if after five years Hoosiers want to visit it again so be it. To say a "permanent rule" nothing is permanent. It could be changed next month. What will be removed is the stupid "trial".

    5. The question about a three year trial of two bucks was a question to get a desired result(which they did).

    Folks this will most likely be presented to the Natural Resources Commission at the November meeting for preliminary adoption. If there is any way you can attend this meeting and would like to be heard please do. It will be on a weekday and during working hours, you must choose its' importance to you. I have also heard there may be a few evening public meetings held by IDNR personnel and you will also have a comment period after preliminary adoption.

    Jack or I will post the date of the NRC meeting and time As soon as it is available.

    As Mr Rogers said "It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood, wont you be my friend.....";)
  12. Could you be mine, should you be mine...won't you be my neighbor!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi neighbor!!!!
  13. All I know is I've allready seen a 140-150 class 10 point with 3 other 8 pointers that would go about 120-130. In the area I hunt, I've never seen that many good quality bucks.
  14. jstalljon,

    I know John Bogucki quite, quite well. He is without a doubt the best person to have oversight of the HRB program, hands down.