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OBR the final day

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by jbwhttail, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. Guys it all boils down to one day, the day will come that the Natural Resource Commitee will decide this on their agenda. It only makes sense.

    IDNR and our deer biologist will never admit the trial period and RULE(get that woody?) made an impact of any kind. Yet they can not just let it die because of the support for the rule, so they try to muddy the waters with a B_ _ _ Sh _t trial of a second buck for three or more years.

    This will go before the NRC for adoption, all I ask is that EACH of you decide how important it is to you? Are you willing to give up one days pay to bury traditional deer management in Indiana forever?

    Dr Mitchell told me years ago "I'll manage the deer per the hunters of Indiana, Whether I agree with them or not". He is doing his best to gain the support of the opposition, are you willing to make him listen to you? Are you willing to travel to Indinanapolis for one day?

    DeerDemon, aka Woody/CutNShoot/Willie/????? is worried, there is this minor road block called a "survey". If he had confidence in the result he would not be here..........LMAO......... tough aint it Clarence?

    I'm not asking for names or commitments, just remember what will decide........... "a days pay and a tank of gas to Indianapolis".....
  2. Where do we go..............who do we begin to talk to............I've got a line of guys a mile long willing to do this.

  3. Date?

    Is there a date set for this decision? Is it in an open format or closed doors?

  4. When............

    I will post the day here.......... after that it is up to the public to decide .......

    Do I want to attend?..... I believe it will be next year and probably in March or April....

    All I can tell you is I will know 22 days before the meeting
  5. Bet you a** I will be there, this is a time we need to stick together and speak what we have been posting and show that we do care. Lets flood the place with hunters. Lets start making plans now. Maybe be could get together and talk about it, at the 3D shoot, or out to eat, fishing event or a hunting event. Let make it so our future kids with have something to hunt.:grouphug:
  6. I'll be there! Just let me know when and where.
  7. could someone find out how to get some hats made with OBR FOREVER? i'll buy a couple.
  8. Hey, we can get some made for the "other side" too...OBR = One Basket Rack
  9. Sure can! My wife is in the promotional products business. If you guys are serious about this I can have her get us a quote once we collectively decide what we want on them. And yes she can get camo too.
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  10. or hornharvester with a picture of a button buck lol