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Off Season

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by 410, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. Well I was just wondering what others do in the off season from deer hunting.
    I still am going to keep my trail cam out, clean some brush out so I can get a little longer shot in the woods. Look around for more ground to hunt and oh yes do some fishing. What are you going to do?
  2. Cut firewood so I'm not in the woods this fall for anything but deer hunting. Hey Bill, I've had a pair of swans on the pond for the last two days, big birds. Don't know if they will nest here or keep going north. They were on Fergusons and I seen them on a pond along 5 last week. Seen them on Red's?

    We should have been shed hunting this last weekend.

  3. Im clearing brush for shooting lanes,trail cammin' & planting food plots.Im putting more into year round' preparation,im cutting firewood too so i dont have to in hunting season,i hate to have worries in the fall , just want a hunting state of mind.
  4. i plan to relocate two of my stands.Do some shed hunting and mushroom hunting and alot of fishing
  5. Keep Huntin`

    I Usally Predator Hunt In The Off Season, There Is No Challenge Like Trying To Call Coyotes Into Shooting Range. I Think They Are The Hardest Game Creature To Hunt In Indiana, Good Sense Of Smell, Eyes And Hearing. When You Are Successful, You Really Have A Sense Of Accomplishment. I Suggest You Give It A Try, Riding The Woods Of A Few Coyotes May Help Increase More Sightings Of Deer And Other Small Game . You Can Also Use This Time To Scout For Future Deer Stands Come Fall.
  6. I pull my stands and store them in the barn. Re-install in August. Plant food plots, place the cameras in different locations to get an inventory. Fish a little. Turkey hunt in the Spring. And think a lot about deer season.
  7. do like everyone else cut lanes, shoot alot fish when i can but the most fun is harrassing golfers when ever possible:evilsmile
  8. Fish, fish, fish!
  9. No off season for the dog guys. I'll keep working with my pup, try to teach him a new thing or two, and keep his skills up to snuff.
    Also play to put flyrods in my kids hands this year, maybe get they to do a little fly tying as well.
  10. fish, hunt morels and sheds, home improvements, dream of big antlers, turkey hunt.
  11. Turkeys, turkeys, turkeys!
  12. Shrooms, shrooms, shrooms!
  13. Triple everything.


    Do your keys stick on your keybooard? Or, are you just excited about Fish, Turkeys and Shrooms?

  14. Just excited...don't forget about golf, golf, golf!
  15. OH ya I do like to trout fish too. Went today caught 8 around 12 to 14 inches rainbows, just a little windy 24 to 40 mph.