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Off to see the Mounties

Discussion in 'Indiana Big Lake Fishing' started by JMBfishing2008, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. I am heading up to Canada in a week & i was wondering if any one had any good ideas for baits for Pike & Walleye... The name of the outfit we are going to is called Sturgeon Lake Lodge...

  2. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Have a good time and be safe.

    Walleye...1/4 to 3/8 oz. jig (white)..white twister tail...tip with half a worm...If you're using minnows..same set up without the twister tail.

    Have some Lindy Rigs in case they're suspended...same weights.

    I use the lightest weight possible.

    Pike..Actually Bass spinnerbaits work real do Rapalas...Johnson Silver Minnows and Daredevels work also. Put on a heavy steel or Mono leader.

    I like white spinnerbaits...

    Regarding the Walleye Jigs...I like the white, but as with all fish, sometimes they want a different color...after white, it's orange (or multicolored orange/yellow, etc.)

    Most of the time we drift fish (start at 20 and drift in to any shoreline or island where the wind is blowing in).

    If there is no wind, we troll the baits, usually parallel to shore.

    Hope this helps...Cary
  3. Have fun....
    Throw in a few scented crawlwer rigs, anise and grape work well.

    Good Luck
  4. Good luck JMB, if you happen to run across a bait called a flatfish (shad colored spoon with red eyes), get some, they'll catch everything as well as a Silver Buddy.
  5. For Pike use some Daredevil spoons (Red/White & Yellow/Red varities), Daredevil spoons with glass eyes (same colors as above), Storm rubber fish lures (we killed 'em on these last time!), Large double jointed swimming baits, Super sized Shap Raps (killed 'em on these too!). This is a good start to what you can catch them on. Have fun and good luck!!!
  6. I'd be throwing an X-Rap for the pike.
  7. Cary Cavicini's comments about live bait presentations, and fishing the wind swept shorelines/structures were right on the money. Also, for simplicity, you can just use split shot and a No. 4, or 6 live bait hook (the Owner Mosquito hooks are sweet) and backtroll, drift, or just float around structure with your trolling motor.

    Another great type of lure to use is a crankbait. Some good choices are the Minnow Rap and Shad Rap by Rapala, The Wally Diver by Cotton Cordell, Smithwich Rogues, etc. etc. Cast these dudes to points, shorelines, humps, reefs, etc.
  8. thanks for all the help... Hve any of you guys every used planer boards for walleye????
  9. I have used them extensively but only at night. Very successful.

    And this was back east.