Official 2018 Turkey Harvest

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    Please post you Team Turkey Harvests here!!!
  2. Heres y 2018 Missouri turkey 22lbs L Spur 1in R spur 1in and 11in beard. Total score 64[​IMG][/IMG]

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    Photo did not show up.
  4. 3809DE13-66BE-4448-8596-2A3C9205F675.jpeg Here is the first for team 2:
    Eastern 4/21
    23# 5oz
    10 3/8” beard
    7/8” left and right spurs
    Score: 61.56
  5. BC3E6108-2FF2-4E54-938E-07F938504723.jpeg Team 2 bird
    Eastern 4/22
    24# 8oz
    10 1/4” beard
    1” left and right spurs
  6. 339182CD-8222-4421-9972-370C2226210A.jpeg Team 2 bird
    Sx3-N13 (young man on left)
    Eastern 4/22
    10 1/2” beard
    7/8” left and right spurs
  7. SX3
    I think it’s great you and your boys make memories.
    My dad did it for me and it kept me out of trouble, problem is we need more dads like you.
    Don’t quit next year, I wanna see you guys back and it doesn’t bother me one bit if you win or are on the same team.
    Keep it up man.
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  8. I’m with Titanium, don’t let a little negativity ruin your day, keep hunting and playing the game.
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  9. ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1524668388.433137.jpg
    ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1524668519.317236.jpg
    Got a pretty good bird this morning, I hate that my season is over by 8am on opening day, but at least I was able to chase them for a little while. Good luck guys!
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  11. Darn it. Ill try again. May have to send it to you via text
  12. Thanks for the support.

    Here is my last post on the contest, next I hope is a dead turkey. While this is a contest, my feeling is that it is just a lot of fun and I don’t take overly serious, as the pay out isn’t that good lol.

    Good luck to all. Them birds worked me over yesterday.
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  13. its simple. just dont enter contests that arent set up fair.

    i also agree about there never being a contest just for fun.
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  14. 9AB940F8-F126-42F9-AD49-83645B4B4B98.jpeg Check in for team 2
    Well, I have sat 34.5 hours in blinds since the opener, just to have this guy fly down to me at 638 this morning, making it one of the quickest hunts I have had. Decoys did nothing but hurt me on three different Toms yesterday, today I went without any and it seemed to make the difference. He is by far not the biggest bird on this farm, but I had my mind made up that I would shoot the first long beard that presented me a good shot.
    Eastern shot on 4/29 in Indiana
    Beard 10 1/8”
    Left and right spur 7/8”
    Total score: 62.75
    Side note, I have never seen a Tom have a crop so full of vegetation and corn. Most times it’s a few seeds and very small amount vegetation. Bit of a pig. Lol.