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Official Pope And Young Scorer

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by BOWHUNTER47408, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. Does Anyone Know An Official Scorer For Pope And Young Near The Bloomington Area?? If So, Do You Know A Phone Number?
  2. I know one in Terre Haute if you can't find one.


  3. i think the dnr site has a list of them.
  4. Now, there is a good one!!!!!!! This beats ANY joke that Cary has ever put on here before. Stop it're killin' me man!!!!

    Hey Joe Bacon, can you help this fellow out?
  5. Dean you know that Scott's a P/Y scorer, he is in Whitley County and is going south on Nov. 11 to the meeting
  6. Alan Baxter, he lives on 446 just before the flasher light when you turn off of Hwy. 46 on the right. 812-336-8911
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  7. Gene Hopkins in Columbus or Phil Hawkins in franklin In.........Phil 317 736 5548

    Gene 812 342 3675
  8. Scorer in Bloomington

    I looked up the Bloomington , In scorer for you at Pope and Young. His name is Alan Baxter. (812) 336-8911

    I had to register at this site in order to reply to you. I'll have to check it out now that I have access. LOL

    If you ever have need to look for a scorer again , simply google Pope and Young , go to their site , and near the bottom there's a link to "find a measurer". I don't know where Bloomington is , but my son grew up in a little town called Brookville. I'm looking forward to cutting my teeth on rutting bucks in Indiana this fall. The buck I killed in Ohio last Nov goes almost 165 inches. My personal email is if you'd ever like to chat. I'm always up for new friends in strange places!

    Jim C.
  9. PNY Scorers

    If you use the link at PNY to 'find a measurer' , it asks for the state in which you would like to find one , and then gives you every scorer that's with PNY from that state , listing them by city in alphabetical order , complete with telephone number and years with PNY. Just seems as though a lot of the guys that listed posts to the original question weren't aware of this , so I thought it might help out.