Official Score ....

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  1. B&C. HRB. score 211 5/8NT gross 202 7/8NT net.Buckmaster score 212 0/8 composite 188 6/8 official irregular. [​IMG]

  2. Great mount!!! Congrats again.
  3. Way to go Brew. We couldnt be happier for you. By the way it was nice to meet you on Friday. I also think by talking to her, your moms just as proud as you are of that deer.
  4. :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :woohoo1:
  5. Good one Brew, Scott scored my grandson (Cody's) 8 point and it's finsh score was 151 2/8.
  6. fantastic. i love the pose and the way the ears position . you don't look to bad either lol.
  7. congrats again brew, sorry i couldnt make it down to see that stud in person (the deer) haha
  8. Very Nice Deer Brew. I saw your mount down at the show Saturday and it was most impressive...
  9. Awesome deer Brew.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. This is one class act guy.

    Brew it was a pleasure to meet and talk to you on Saturday. No one is more deserving of such a deer.:coolgleam
  10. Congrat on your OFFICIAL N.T. Booner!
  11. Here is a photo I snapped of Brew's buck.


    Simply amazing.:coolgleam
  12. Awesome Brew!!! You still have that look of "shock and awe"!!!