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ohio 230" found dead...

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by BREWERSVILLE OUTFITTERS, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]these brothers found this buck dead after getting video of him earlier in the year. one of them killed a 178" non-typ in the same area. they went out to find this guys sheds but ended up finding the whole thing. sad to see this...poachers are suspected :yikes: :yikes: Damm what a find!!!!!
  2. WOW, wouldn't that break your heart if you were out looking for those sheds and stumbled on the whole deer??!!! The thought just makes me sick!

  3. I know this one is not even close to the caliber of the one that guy found but....when I was dragging out my buck this past fall, I actually TRIPPED on this one! 24 inch inside spread!
  4. Just shows you what a One Buck Rule AND a short firearms season can produce. Ohio does it right!!! Great Buck!!
  5. But Dean, poachers are suspected. And I'm sure those boys never though about poaching before they had their god given right to kill two bucks taken away, and their firearm season shortened...
  6. It Doesn't Matter If You Could Take 5 Buck's ,and Have A 10 Week Gun Season,you Would Still Have Some Jack@$$ Out There Poaching Deer.
  7. Good price on those Pretty Boy / Pretty Girl turkey decoys!!!
  8. No no Spike ... some would have you to believe that there was no poaching problem before the OBR and the antler obsession created by the Devil himself (The Outdoor Channel) ... and trust me, they actually believe the crap they spew. Just ask them ...:rolleyes:

    That sucks about that dandy buck. No buck, especially one of that caliber, deserves to be poached.

    I found a couple dead bucks a week ago. I looked them over, but from what I could tell they did not look poached. Most likely hit by cars and happened to make it to the swamps they died in. One had shed his antlers already. One was a young 7 pointer that I had passed up several times last year.:( Bummer, but that is the way it goes.
  9. Right DEC, and some would have us believe that deer only die at the hands of hunters/poachers and they would live forever and ever if it weren't for that. Why there are some out there that believe in such a thing as global warming and that many parts of the world are going to be destroyed because all the glaciers are going to melt and the water is going to cover the cities! But, if it is that hot won't the extra water evaporate due to the extreme temperatures? Let's see, at one time there was an ice age and the ice melted...were there power plants, automobiles, pollution belching industries back then that caused the great melt off? :coco:
  10. But we still have the Easter Bunny ... right? ... please tell me he still exists ... :bouncy:
  11. George Bush caused global warming when he blew up the levies in "Naa Orlins" to try to prevent it from becoming a chocolate city.
  12. DEC,
    Ummmmm I went bunny huntin with the boys this winter and came across this HUGE bunny carryin a basket of eggs.....DANG did it taste good! Bunnies of that size I'm sure fall under the OFHBR (One FREAKING HUGE Bunny Rule)
    catagory ;)

  13. [​IMG]

    Please tell me you left Santa and the Tooth Fairy alone though ...
  14. From what I've seen, Brew has seen to it that Santa will be walking this year.,