Ohio weather not cooperating!

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by seabee, Apr 23, 2007.

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    Got up early this morning for the Ohio opener. I have recruited a friends brother inlaw to show me the ropes on a hunt so i know how to set up decoy placement and calling sequences. Headed out to the end of the pasture and the wind was blowing hard on top the ridge. We heard a few birds wake up but didnt know how close they were beacuse it was so windy. We decided to go set up on a saddle where we thought a gobbler was roosting. My friend set up the decoys and put me facing them, he then got on the backside of the tree from me and we waited a while, he made a few calls and thought we heard a response but because of the gail force winds were not realy sure, about 10 minutes go by and the wind got dead still all the sudden, he quickly took advantage of the solitude in the woods and did a soft yelp..yelp..yelp..yelp........ GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE!!!!!!!!!!
    holy chit(i have never heard something so loud in the woods) the birds were indeed coming to our earlier calls and were now 10 yards from us but just over the edge of the steep ravine! all the sudden 3 birds stick there heads up over the ridge and are looking at my partner not 25 ft away, I have no idea the birds are looking at him cause him and the birds are on the oposite side of the tree. i am still trying to locate the birds out of the corner of my eye where i think they will come over the ridge. Kaboom! he shoots and scares the breakfast right out of me! I quickly turn to the other side of the tree to see turkeys taking flight. The look in his face was nothing short of embarassing, he Missed! He felt bad because he thought he ruined my chances of killing a bird that morning but truth be known he gave me exactly what i was looking for. A fun hunt with a great ending. anyways, he is working tomorrow so i will be trying it alone, only problem is the wind has picked back up and its supossed to be raining hard in the morning. I hope to post some pics then of my first turkey. Anyways, will the rain be a problem for me or should i change me game plan because of it? maybe try the field edges?
  2. Sounds like a cool hunt, Curtis. I'd say, hang out and watch the field and be patient. The birds will come to the fields if it's raining, just make sure you're there when they are!

  3. Stick with it bro! Turkey hunting is all about persistence and not getting discouraged. Dedication, you can do it!!!!!
  4. ...says the guy with a turkey in his avatar :bowdown: