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OK, you Valentine's Suckers ... fess up!

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by DEC, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. So let's see who the Halmark Suckers are.:evilsmile

    I hate Halmark holidays and fortunately my wife does too.:coolgleam

    But I was a nice husband this year. Today, I gave her a ride to work in the 4x4 so she would not have to drive the mini-van. When I got her to her office, there was a nice drift on her side walk. So I unloaded my snow blower out of the back and blew the snow off her walk.

    She smiled and said thanks. I said "Happy Valentine's Day".:coolgleam:biggrin:

    I'm such a romantic.
  2. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Lets just say i slept in a little extra this morning since the roads were blown shut........:evilsmile

  3. Did she throw up again? :evil:
  4. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    no comment!
  5. I'm just loafing around at home today, the wifey is home too of course...

    I need to get out and play around on the sled get it working a bit better. A sticky throttle can get a bit hairy sometimes....

  6. Ha! Ha! At least there's enough snow to bail off on!
  7. Just got my driveway, back patio and sidewalk finished.
    And no, I don't have anything but a shovel.
    Anywhere from about 10 inches to over 3 feet, depending on which way the wind blew last night.
    Very solid stuff too!
    Breaks up in big chunks instead of being 'poofy'.
    Made it much more fun, I can tell ya.
    No snow plows have been through our subdivision yet, and its now 1:30.
    That is the latest on the snow in Lafayette.
  8. Sweety got what every woman in Indiana wanted for Valentines Day this year...Card, Candy and a well scraped windshield before she left for work.

    She got all the way into town before she heard on the radio that Purdue was still closed!!!! LOL

    Roads in my area seem OK if you drive like you have some sense. Might go fishing, since WNC is closed too.
  9. Since she got detoured last night on her way home from work and had to spend the night at her parents. The lady got a phone call this morning, an electronic card (they are free and Halmark doesnt make a dime) sent to her email, and I just got back from the store with some Salmon fillets, sea scallops, and wine for dinner.
  10. Mine gets sloppy joes made from venison burger.:biggrin: Every girl's dream.
  11. Well we were going to eat pizza and watch the Hoosiers destroy PU again but the game was postponed.

    Whatever else could we do?????????? :mischeif:
  12. i call'em sloppy does:biggrin:
  13. Might try to take my sweety to the game Thursday night. I think Purdue might give them a game. If the Boilers win, I bet there will be a whole gaggle of excuses why IU lost.
  14. Being at PU I guarantee it will be a good game. I will still take the Hoosiers though.
  15. Took Old Lady To Work Came Home Took Day Off And Plowed Driveways With Atv Made $200 Having Chili Tonight Why'll She Does Laundry Stupid Holiday
    I Told Her Everyday Is Valentines Day When Your Married To Me
    Talk About Snowed Over