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Old Folk Remedies

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Hoosier_Steelheader, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. Ok, We all have them some work some don't but every family has at least 1.
    Share one (or more) of your families "Folk Remedies" here.

    Legal disclaimer: "Any remedies listed here are for informational, and entertainment value only, and should not be relied on in any way as a medical remedy or cure...."

    This one helps with allergies caused by pollen, find a bee keeper near you and buy or barter for some of his fresh honey, take 1 teaspoon daily (in coffee, or tea or on toast) to alleviate allergies caused by pollen. Supposedly the pollen in the honey helps build your natural immunities.

  2. My grandpa's "cough syrup" consisted of coffee with blackberry brandy mixed in (more brandy than coffee).

  3. Warts (not of the genital variety)
    one or two drops of Tea Tree Oil... then put a small piece of duct tape on the wart, cover with a band-aid and let it sit. In a couple of days repeat. In less than two weeks the wart is all white and ready to be chopped off. Its amazing my doctor told me about that...
  4. If you cut your finger.....soak it in cider.

  5. Think we've all heard of Grandpa's Cough Medicine!!
    My Father-in-law actually EATS a spoonful of Vick's Menthol Rub when he thinks he has a cold.
  6. well i found out about this yr. in a home remedy book this winter and now i swear by it. i have a lot of knee pain. throbbing and aching. it's very bothersome especially after walking and sitting in a tree stand. i did not believe it till i tried it. take caster-oil and rub it in around your knee as an ointment and the pain will dissapear. it's oderless and tasteless says on the bottle. it has been a mericle for me as i've tried everything. i have no aches or pain now.
  7. Penny for your wart

    There was an old guy that lived next to my Grandma when I was growing up that took warts from people. If you had a wart you wanted to get rid of he would buy them from you. He would give you a penny and in about 2 weeks the wart was gone. Don't ask me how, I asked him many times but he said it was a secret and couldn't divulge how it was done. I just know it worked.
  8. If men would eat the watermelon seed, there would be no kidney stones.
  9. If you take Vitamin B-12 (straight B-12) you will never have trouble with your wraist.
  10. My great uncle from Universal swore by copper bracelets for arthritis. My grandma always ate vicks vapor rub too. :corkysm55
  11. This one comes from my Uncle, I have tried it and it does work.

    This time of year when Mushroom hunting, Turkey Hunting, or walking along your favorite trout stream youre bound to get into a patch of nettles. If you get stung, tromp down a few plants around the edge of the patch, take your knife out and dig up a nettle root, after scraping the excess dirt from it slice the root to expose the moist center, and rub it on the affected area. Instant relief!:bouncy:
  12. I'm sure most of us will get to try this out out!! Thanks HS
  13. Depression

    :( This one is for depression....something we all experience from time to time. Drink 10 beers at a strip club.......Happiness will soon follow!:hide:

    Just miraculous!!!!

    997!!!!! Ying Yangs!!!
  14. the hot wings are good too, i'm sure
  15. HEY... what is that last word...waist or wrist???? because if its "waist" then I could use B-12.....but if its "wrist", im sure Dean cound use it.