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Old Guy # 6

Discussion in 'Comedy' started by ccavacini, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    An old man was telling his neighbor, "I just bought a new hearing

    aid. It cost me four thousand dollars, but it's state of the art. It's


    "Really," answered the neighbor. "What kind is it?"

    "Twelve thirty."

  2. :) !!! I laugh because this will undoubtedly be me in 20-30 years. i have tinnitus now....what fun it is.


  3. At least you're still optimistic...but in reality it won't take 20 years, trust me.
  5. welcome to the club

    Had it for about 4 years, now. Started in a duck blind. Wear Walkers power quad muffs all the time when I shoot, now. Too late! You get used to it. Hopefully it won't get any worse. Feel like an old man when I don't hear phones, etc.

  7. What?? Huh?? Did you say something Eric????
  8. My right and left ears are both about the same when it comes to the ringing. It seems to get really bad when I am sitting in a room where everything is quiet, all I hear is that da*n ringing.

    There were too many good bands in the 80's & 90's not to have your windows down and rockin (AC/DC, GNR, Metallica, Skid Row, I could go on for days). Of course it didn't help that I had two 15" speakers and a 350 watt amp in my car during high school as well!