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Oliver / Olin Lake - Rainbow Trout

Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by wembj01, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. Planning a trip to Oliver Lake this weekend to try and catch trout. I see there is a public boat ramp on the north side. Does anyone fish here? Is there a fee to put your boat in? Can you fish at night? I mainly stick to streams but I would like to try something different. A big brown would be awesome! I have no experience fishing lakes for trout. I am still on the bows and browns kick until the steelhead start moving in. The skamania are starting up I think. Any information on how and where to fish Oliver for bows and browns would be awesome! Thanks!

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    Catch & Release! Especially in holdover waters with brown trout not stocked by the DNR.
  2. No fee it's a public boat ramp. Good fishing in them lakes. Normally catch the trout in deeper water when it gets like this. Normally catch them in the spring can catch some big trout out of them

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  3. Thats good to know thanks! I know it will take some trial and error but how deep should I be under these conditions?
  4. not sure about there but around Sullivan Co. I would troll slow trying to keep my bait 12 ft to start then deeper if needed.I troll weights in front of rooster tails or bladed minnow spin.Ive caught bows all summer in the past doing this.
  5. Thanks for the info, I went out on oliver Saturday evening. I fished deep with worms, tried trolling spinners, and a few other crank baits. No luck at all with trout. I tried fishing the entire water column close to shore and off in the deep areas as well as the transitions which looked like the best areas. In the shallow areas I got a couple of decent bass, one crappie, and a few gills. There was a decent amount of people fishing but I didn't get the chance to talk to anyone.
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  7. Time to awaken this thread. Trout. northern Indiana. I see talk about fishing this by boat. Is there any accessible shoreline to fish from shore?
  8. Not that i am aware of. We do very good during the spring/ summer at night fishing the dropoffs.
  9. thanks. My son and i drove to the lake to check it out. yep. no shoreline access. boat only. time to shop for a fishing boat.
  10. until water swarms, the trout at oliver will be up. troll small cranks 100ft back. after summer sets in they will hold deeper. troll small cranks or spinner rigs with weights to get them down to 20ft. or fish at night under lights with worms. you wont find many big trout though. most in the 12-17" range. browns have special regs too so watch what ya go in the cooler!! early or late in the day best.

    i have fished those lake since the 80s
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