1. Yesterday, I lucked into a new toy. As many know I'm not big on gun hunting, but I do go out with the muzzleloader from time to time. I've drooled over Omegas for a long time, but for me couldn't justify the expense for no more than I use one. Well, yesterday I was at an auction that a friend was having, which included a barely used Omega. When I saw no one interested once the bids got over $200, I jumped in. I won it for $280.:coolgleam I went home and threw my Nikon scope on it. Cabela's lists this gun at $519 without any glass.

    I'm kind of pumped about this purchase.

    If anyone is interested in a very good s.s. Traditions, let me know. I've got it listed on other sites with photos.

    Here is the new toy.

  2. Welcome to the Omega family....you won't be disappointed! ;)

  3. i've been pondering going to black powder and getting away from slug guns all together. just my personell feelings. i really like the idea of making that one shot count. i don't intend on buying till the fall and i'm really leaning towards a triditions or the tc pro hunter. but it'll be gone by the time i want to buy or i would be interested. triditions is a well made gun in my opinion.
  4. I agree 100%. :bowdown:
  5. Good, NO Great deal, way to go DEC
  6. Nice muzzy DEC, I almost bought one last year, but like you, I couldn't justify the spending the money. Although I did some horse trading and got a TC Pro Hunter not long after that.
  7. Start With A Muzzleloader

  8. I can agree with that.
  9. lucky is what you are can't beat a good smoke pole for hunting thats all i use besides the bow
  10. Congrats on a crazy good gun Derek!!!

    loud noises, lots of smoke, fresh venison!!! man come on deer season!!!
  11. If anyone knows anyone looking for an awesome muzzleloader, get in touch with me. I have my old Traditions stainless steel with synthetic for sale. Since we can't sell guns on this site, you can look at "other" sites and easily find it. Just PM me here or on one of those sites. My wife is pissed at me for buying a new gun and I've got to get my old one sold. Unfortunately, she doesn't see the "deal" that I got on the Omega.:(
  12. Did you try explaining it in terms of buying new shoes when she already has a pair?

    Doesn't work for me either.:rolleyes:
  13. That's the truth. I use a flintlock during gun season for the same reason many of you bow hunt through gun season.

    The flavor of the experience is what I'm after. Sparks and smoke clouds is what does it for me. If killling deer is what it was all about, I'd just buy a spot light and a .22 mag. :eek:

    But, the challange of primitive black powder makes it a memorable time whether I take a deer home or not.:coolgleam