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Onboard chargers

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by QuailDancer, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. I started work on my boat today, have half the deck out and some other odds and ends done. As I go, I'll make changes to the wiring and will be adding an oboard charger. I've looked at a few onboard chargers my question is about the Amps. All the chargers seem to have the same function basically, but as the Amps go up, so does the price. What's the best 'bang' for the buck, so to speak? I've seen chargers with as little as 8 Amps up to about 20 Amps.
  2. I bought a BPS brand 3 bank charger for 149.00 at BPS. It iis a 5/5/5/ charger with unused amps being redirected to the batteries that need more. I have never used these before but a friend of mine says they are good. My last one was a duel pro three bank charger and It worked well to but for 389.00 it was a little steep.