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Once a Political Hack, always a Political Hack

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by Old Ironsights, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. Because I’ve been such a PITA recently, or at least because my not posting on this sub-forum has led some to consider me to be a trolling PITA, here’s the scoop about me and why I post what I do:

    I grew up in Wyoming in a non-shooting/non-hunting family. Not Anti, just Non. But they did buy me a Bow – one of the old “finish it yourself” cast aluminum Bear compound kits.

    Unfortunately, not much archery hunting where I was, so that sort of passed.

    Hooked up with an old fart from down the street who took pity on a kid without a hunting buddy. Hunting in Wyoming is a whole different game than out here – at least from what I read from you guys. Out there it’s all Spot & Stalk – with miles and miles of hiking involved. There are no treestands because there are no (useable) trees.

    With few exceptions, 100yds is essentially “point blank” range, and while I did find and take a deer at shorter range (she was bedded, and popped up in tall grass at about 35yds) it was just a bloody uncommon occurrence.

    Anyway, came time to play Army, so I did that from Reagan to Clinton, mostly overseas, with little time, equipment or opportunity to hunt until I got to Alaska – where I learned the value of the quick, short range, lever-action “brush gun” in 45-70 & heavy pistol caliber loadings. (The Alaskan Brown Bear doesn’t play around.) While in the Army (Field Artillery & EOD) I picked up a fascination for Ballistics (I had some Artillery FMs that were written in the 40s… ballistics don’t change) reloading/wildcatting and things that go boom in general. All stuff I could do when I was where I couldn't go hunting.

    Lived in Anchorage for 5 years and mostly hunted the forests and marshes of the lower Interior between Denali (Mt McKinley) & Anchorage, again, Spot & Stalk. (Try that in hip waders some time...) That and standing Bear Guard for my buddies when they were fishing. (I’m allergic to Fish, so I don’t, but the bears need chasing all the same).

    Got heavily involved in RKBA/CCW Politics, and went back to University. Fought the Antis in Washington State for 4 years before having to move again – this time to Indiana, where I am trapped in the largely Hunter Hostile north of I-94 UDZ (hello Beverly Shores…:banghead3 ).

    So, what I know is Politics, Ballistics, and how Laws should be written to keep the Antis from exploiting them (and believe me, they do/will). I take RKBA very seriously.

    I do read a lot of what is posted here, but, unless I have a pertinent question, I don’t feel like posting on Topics where I am ill informed. I would rather read and get informed.

    There are a lot of guys here with a lot of good, objective, information on deer management etc., and I appreciate that. I'll continue to try to deliver the same on what I know.

    I think we can all learn some cool stuff... like the RIGHT way to eat crow...

    (Somthing I HAVE hunted here...)
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  2. Gotta love politics...

    Got any good stories about Alaskan Brown Bears "not playing around"? haha


  3. Occasionally they would kill a Colt or two... ;)

    But honestly, I was fortunate enough to have not had to shoot one out of season, and never bought the expensive tag to try in season.

    FWIW, Bears in Rivers are just the biggest rednecks you've ever seen. If the take a disliking to you, they will just beat you up for the heck of it. But normally, as long as you keep upstream of the bear (so it gets the spawning salmon first) it really won't pay any (much) attention to you.
  4. Upstream of the bear...downwind of the deer...keeps the freezer full year after year...
  5. Thanks for your service to this country. I started out bow hunting with an old Fred Bear, myself. No one on here holds grudges, but we are a cantankerous lot, for sure. No worries:biggrin:
  6. It's good to get the info Ironsights
  7. Looking forward to learning from you as well.
  8. Thanks for the personal info, OI.
  9. You're a good guy Oldiron.:cool:
  10. no worries Oldiron, the past is forgiven and the info is appreciated. Look forward to hearing more from you in the future.
  11. thanks ironsights, interesting for sure.