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One Buck Limit: Your Opinion

Discussion in 'Frontpage Polls' started by Angola Al, Jan 4, 2005.

What is your opinion of IN's one buck rule?

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  1. What's your opinion of the one buck rule?

    I say thumbs up.

  2. One buck rule...

    The one buck rule brings to my mind the old saying about ‘the road to hell being paved with good intentions’. While I think that it is great in theory, fact is it will do little or NOTHING to effectively raise the age structure of Indiana’s deer herd. In fact, even the IN State deer biologist told them basically the exact same thing! Amazing that they (WE!) pay this man for his knowledge and advice, yet when it is given they cursorily reject it. What would have the desired effects that this measure was enacted to accomplish is to adopt something akin to what KY has in their WMA (Wildlife Management Areas). Impose a spread limit of 15” on bucks, but allow a hunter to take one with a bow and one with a firearm as it was before. Some states have tried the point restrictions, but I don’t like this idea AT ALL. It is far too difficult to count points in the field, however it is simple to know if it is 15” or not…if it isn’t out to it’s ears (or further!), let it walk!!! I figure that if a hunter has the skill/ability to take TWO mature deer, then more power to him/her!!!

    Also, I think that we need to move modern firearms season out of the peak rut and/or shorten it. Along with this, I think that they need to increase the fines for any infractions and actually get judges to enforce it! These measures would go much further, and in a much quicker fashion to achieving the goals they are looking for with the one buck rule. As it is, most ‘hunters’ with a $25 dollar tag in their pocket MIGHT be selective in the early stages of the season, but when it gets crunch time the first buck with 3” of antler is done. Period. So basically we still have the same problem of not enough bucks being allowed to reach maturity. If you look at the harvest reports, the age classes of deer taken has changed VERY little (if at all!) since this rule went into effect. Most are still 1-2 year old deer. Unfortunately, IN will continue to regulate deer on a quantity rather than quality basis, despite feel good measures like this one. To increase the quality of hunting we need a more balanced herd, with a substantial increase in the buck to doe ratio, with the majority of these bucks being mature and therefore actually competing for does.

    Just my humble 2¢…so count me as a thumbs down.
  3. A BIG yes, I seen more P&y and BC bucks this year than I had seen in the ten years before this combined. If you think you have to kill two deer harvest one of the all too. If you need two deer kill a doe. I would be all for delaying the firearms season to after the rut, would make a hell of a difference on the mature bucks that would make it through the season.
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  4. Im 100 % in favor of this. Iowa I believe allows only bow hunting during their rut. I wasnt really for or against the OBR at first, but after the last couple years i just dont see any difference in the quality of deer. I seen plenty of Bucks this year, and they were all in that 4-6 point range with tiny racks, i seen the same thing last year and i have let all these deer walk both years. Unfortuantely, i have no way of knowing what it was that the hunter on the neigboring property of me was unloading his gun on the opening day of shotgun season, but most likely it was one of these deer that i had let walk all of bow season and he will never see maturity. This happens everywhere. If bigger deer is what this state wants then lets either take gun season out of the rut and allow bow only, or it shorten it. I also support either a spread restriction or a point restriction. I believe any one of these measures are far better off then a one buck rule.
  5. I look at the one buck rule as sort of a baby step in the right direction. At least it give hunters something to think about before they launch an arrow or pull the trigger, that they're about to be done with buck hunting for the season, and may change some behavior.

    I completely agree with HunterEd that a minimum spread requirement would be much more powerful in protecting more immature bucks.

    And moving the gun opener back would be great too.

    I believe we've got tremendous untapped potential in this state; change a couple regs, and it could be as good here as anywhere.

  6. First, it is not a question of "need", although I do feed my family a healthy supply of venison, that is simply a matter of preference. I don't "HAVE" to kill ANY deer.

    I do however take does EVERY year , in fact THREE this year. Further, when I do take does I ensure that they are mature does to eliminate the possibility of accidentally taking a button buck. Also, I take them early in the season when it is most beneficial to the herd in general and before they start coming into estrous. I did not even draw or take the safety off on a buck (couldn't even tell you the ones that I let walk!)...unfortunately, I would be willing to bet that the NEXT guy, two ridges over, did not let some of them walk. As the OBR has only been in effect for two years, it is not plausible that it has led to such a dramatic increase in mature bucks and therefore the correlating score.
  7. Don't get excited Ed I wasn't singling you out just stating my opinion that I think I am still free to do.
  8. I am all for a one buck rule, especially if people will kille does too. The deer herd will be in check and we will get closer to a good balance herd. I wish Michigan would go to that also!!
  9. Sorry Kodiak...

    Sorry, perhaps a little quick on the draw...great for SAS, not so great for online forums!

  10. I, and the eight guys I lease with, are huge supporters of the OBR. QDM is the answer to managing our whitetail resource. We pass all yearlings, most 2.5 year olds (mistakes have happened) and take at least three does for every buck. Our results were slow over the first three years of the lease, but have taken off since the OBR. We now see 20-25 bucks that are 2.5 or older each year and we saw fewer than ten in that age class prior to the OBR. Clearly shows that our neighbors were influenced by the change and therefore the entire deer herd was influenced as well.
  11. First off let me say Hi all. First post here. Secondly did not read all replys scanned a few and get the idea that most are for one buck rule. Personally I do not really care for it, since it is my opinion that it came about as a bandage fix to error that the state made back when it made hand guns leagle to hunt with. As I recall for a couple of years or maybe three you could buy an archery, shotgun, muzzleloader, and hand gun license and get a buck with all and there were some people that did. Then they went to archery, firearms, and muzzleloader and one buck. Now then as far as changing the season to coincide with say Illinois I do not think that would do much either. If you go back and check out the totals for both states we do not really harvest that many more deer. As far as the 15 inch rule and you get bigger deer Hmmm. I have on my wall a head that does not go past the ears yet it field dressed out at 240 lbs. First buck that I got with a bow. As far as a poop and Yuck score would go probably not to great rack is all palmated and goes mostly up with nine ring holder points. So that is not a good measuring stick in my opinion. Judge body size and if legs are not spindly and chest is good and looks as though it weighs over 170 on the hoof any you are a meat hunter (I am) take em. Oh yeah the 240 deer was on of the worst eating deer that I have ever gotten. But I do like the bonus antlerless. Does eat fine. Heck there have been several years that I did not get a buck and still felt like I had a good year. 2 140-150 lb does fill a freezer just fine.
  12. one shot one kill

    i`m all for one buck limit.It would also be nice if their was a antler restriction of 8 points or more and spread restriction.hi dad mr. kodiak 50 !
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  13. Can the OBR and go for a rule that allows for two bucks with antler restrictions on the second.
  14. That would be interesting for the DNR to TRY to keep track of!!