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One Buck Rule [OBR]

Discussion in 'Frontpage Polls' started by BREWERSVILLE OUTFITTERS, Mar 22, 2006.

One Buck Rule [OBR]

  1. YES

    169 vote(s)
  2. NO

    27 vote(s)
  3. Don't care Just "SHOOT"

    11 vote(s)
  1. Brewer, I think that OBR is the only rule and time has and will show that.

  2. Great rule - results as discussed on this site are fabulous. Might want to consider calling it the "OBR For Most Everyone" as the loopholes provided by Urban Deer Zone and Military/Refuge licenses make it possible to take more than one buck. When I look for property, one of the things that I really target is land in the Indy, FWA and Lafayette areas designated as an Urban deer zone.
  3. OBR Rules !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The OBR is definately working. Don't let any BIASED politician, BIASED DNR official, or "expert" (see: someone who doesn't have a clue) tell you any different. For those of you who read Indiana Game and Fish, and have saved your back issues over the years, dig out the November Trophy articles and see for yourself how the numbers of B&C (esp.) bucks have increased annually. Not only that, but notice how the scores themselves have increased too. I can remember about 8-10 years ago when a 159" Typical took top honors for the year in the Firearms Typical Category. Now a 150-Class buck wouldn't even be in the top 20 for the year. I've said it before, and I'll say it again.....THERE ARE MORE MATURE BUCKS RUNNING AROUND IN INDIANA NOW THAN THERE EVER HAS BEEN IN THE PAST; MORE OF THEM ARE SURVIVING INTO MATURITY NOW AS A DIRECT RESULT OF THE ONE-BUCK RULE!!!
    I'll be writing the Nov. Trophy article again this year, and so far, it looks like Boone and Crockett scoring bucks will fill most of the top spots in all four categories: Firearms typical, Firearms N.T., Archery Typ., Archery N.T.
    The ONLY empiracal way to see that the rule is having an effect is to see the rise in giant bucks being harvested statewide. It really is incredible.

    And remember this, doe harvest is as important as letting young bucks walk when it comes to proper management. LESS DEER= BIGGER DEER!!!!!
  4. Can we get an Amen for Brother Dean??
  5. Amen!! I wonder where our resident "lurker" is....I foresee a rebuttle in the near future!
  6. Amen to Dean & James
  7. Amen to James Dean, err Jimmy Dean...why do I want to eat sausage all the sudden and drive my car real fast?
  8. I Agree, Obr, Must Stay. We Just Need To Work On Closing Loopholes That Allow Unscrupulious Hunters From Shooting More Than Their One. I Mean Hunters That Do Not Tag All Their Kills, Tag Them Under Wife`s Or Kids Name, Party Hunters, Ect. Let`s Get Tough On Those Guys, Turn `em In.
  9. Do you consider Urban Deer Zones or Military/Refuge Tags to be loopholes that need to be closed?
  10. This poll is great, but be prepared to make your voice be heard loud and clear at meetings soon. The IDNR is going to do a random survey and take public comment at a public meeting and via email. You can bet your butt that one "expert" is working hard on his Powerpoint presentation(lol) and people behind the scenes to abolish the OBR.

    I'm elated to see all the "obsessed " "antler worshippers".

    Brothers in the bone......

    "When science meets tradition sparks will fly"
  11. loopholes

    The Military and Refuge hunts were never considered loopholes! They are a "limited access" opportunity. What I believe BRICH60 is talking about is the illegal taking of antlered deer by POACHERS using family tags.

    I continue to hear this, but who is calling 1 800 IDNR TIP to report the violations? It all starts with "me". If you aren't willing to work to correct the problem, YOU are part of the problem!

    If you know of a violation...... REPORT IT. Or is all this just," I heard from a friend who had a friend who's second cousins nephew said......"


    Would you like to receive a few more leads?
  12. Whatever...sausage boy!!!!

    Wha??? I've always known you to love sausage Scott. I'll be right here, I'm not going anywhere, no need to get a speeding ticket!!!!:cheeky-sm
  13. Roll the Bones!!!

    "Brothers in the bone....."

    This is a different way of saying what I just did a bit ago Scotty!!!:hide: Seems as though Brother Joe Bacon has "called your bluff" too, Scooter!!!!!
  14. :chicken: !!!