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One Buck Rule or HUNTERS RULE

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Rowdy, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. Rowdy


    I have an idea. If the IDNR does away with the OBR, we as RESPONSIBLE HUNTERS should act as if the OBR is still in affect and only take one buck.
    The IDNR does not make us pull the trigger on two bucks.

    I believe that MOST Indiana hunters agree with the OBR and we can show some self disipline and only take mature bucks.

    If the IDNR dont want to work with the real hunters of Indiana, we'll form our own "ONE BUCK RULE UNION"

    Who wants the join the "Local OBR#1"


  2. Sounds like a fine idea, to me too.
  3. I heard this said on a recent hunting show in discussing deer management..."it really boils down to trigger management by the hunter."
  4. While voluntary participation and setting personal limits are certainly laudable attributes, if all that is needed is voluntary participation, why have any seasons or limits or shotgun restrictions at all? Human nature, being what it is, needs some guidlines to insure that some people exhibit acceptable behaviour. Having some rules in place is generally a good idea for a society, unless you want to fall back into chaos & anarchy. The hunting community is still a community, albeit on a smaller scale. Having some rules is a good idea and the OBR is one of the better ones that has come along.
  5. well said Munster.
  6. You stole my thunder Munster. This is what I argued with Cut N Shoot/Woody about, and he still hasn't answered my questions even though he promised me he would. He felt that way about moving the gun season and making it shorter. He challenged Dean to bow hunt during gun season and then have his own short gun season during the end of shotgun on his own property if he wanted too. Crazy talk. If that would work then there would have been deer in Indiana in 1930, ever farm would still have a few 500 year old trees on it. Only 50% of Indiana's wetlands would be drained instead of 98%, etc., etc., etc. Humans aren't that intelligent so don't give them credit to be. Ever seen a fat deer? No they know when to stop eating like most animals, not humans. Nuff said.
  7. If you haven't met me I am about 25 pounds overweight, so don't think I was picking on the big boys on here, just trying to make my point.
  8. Admitting there is a problem is the first step to correcting it. I'm proud of you
    Scott. Hey, BTW, does Larwill have a nice China Buffet for our Friday night pre-game?
  10. Exactly, Brich....
  11. interesting conversation

    I had an interesting conversation with a long time friend and hunter the other day. He knows I am new to the sport and has given me a lot of tips over the last 6 months. We were dicussing the OBR and he is all for it and practiced it the last 10 years of hunting. However, he is skepticle if it is the only component used for overall QDM.

    In his opinion, OBR only works for the honest hunters out there. Whether it be the lifetime licenses, method of tagging, etc. there are a lot of bucks taken which are never known about. No different than any othere areas of society out there today.

    The idea of self imposed management sounds great to me and must be taught.

    As Scott indicated earlier, by pure nature the human species has proven itself to be morons.

  12. Rowdy


    "LOCAL OBR#1"......we need hats, it its on a hat it must be true.

    Maybe even some patches.
  13. My feeling are if you want to shoot more do it and if you want to shoot just one that fine to. We will never change this so lets just go with it. OBR is for me.