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One Shot Wonders

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by HickoryNut, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. Im sure we all know a a couple guys like this....One Shot Wonders. These guys that dont spend more than 5 minutes preparing for the upcoming hunting season and then take a huge buck. I know one here from where I live that killed a 180 class buck that was his first deer, and never killed anything else. Another is a guy that was eating a candy bar and smoking while he took a nice big buck. This guy has now become the biggest critic in the whitetail world. He puts down other hunters deer if they arent very big and has become very arrogant. This is a guy that would have shot the spots off of a fawn and been happy, but instead shot a nice buck....All I have to say to these Billy Ray Cyrus hunters is instead of being arrogant one shot wonders, be greatful and try to do it again with a positive attitude.

    Tell us about the One Shot Wonders in your town.
  2. This is my 8th season in the whitetail woods. I am a late bloomer when it comes to hunting, but I spend every waking moment learning new areas and keeping up on my existing areas and I practice, practice, practice.

    On the other hand, my baby brother, who does shoot a lot ( at the range every day if he could), is a classic firearms collector, decided to take up deer hunting 4 years ago because I hunt. He has never made it to his blind during firearm season because he has shot a 140 class buck each year on his late morning walk out to sit for the first time each season. He hunts with a handgun to make it the more difficult and has yet to take more than one shot to fill his tag.

    I heard this year he may have taken a 145+ 10point 30 yards from his truck heading for his blind at 10 am opening morning. He tells me that one of these years he is going to pass on every deer he sees walking in, so he can understand why I spend so much time in the woods. :banghead3 :bowdown: :cwm27:


  3. One shot wonder would be my cousin. Except he actually doesn't hit anything, which is a good thing in my book. He used to rarely ever pratices with a 20 year old rusty farm gun w/ smooth bore barrel w/ a bead on the end. Yet he was the one shooting at all the deer and I wouldn't ever get to see any, and i'm the one who went through 2-3 boxes of ammo. But finally I have him convinced to practice and buy some better guns, so he has a CVA muzzleloader, Ruger 44mag, and a bow. Now i'm thinking he will probably get more deer then me... :banghead3 Ohh well... Ohh and before his brother got married and moved away, he was the one shot wonder except he actually got several deer, including a nice 8-point that we ran by him.. GRRRRRR

  4. Glad to see im not the only guy here that deals with One Shot Wonders.

    I wouldnt call my brother-in-law a one shot wonder because in all the years ive known him he hasnt killed a deer, but yet has never seen a small deer. Every year he comes in saying he didnt get a shot, but saw a beast. And the hand and arm gestures he uses to show how big the racks are, are getting pretty amusing.
  5. anyone else know anyone
  6. I heard thae guy that shot that potential new state record buck wasnt a trophy hunter, he was bragging on how much it weighed, not the enormous mass of the rack....poor guy, now hes hooked for life like the rest of us. Again congrats on the monster of a life time.