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Oooooohhh Baby!!!!!

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by anon782010, May 20, 2007.

  1. Was anyone else out and about tonight? I was driving around in some areas that have always held deer, easily saw fifty. Got all the way home, happy with myself about what I have seen, and what is standing 70 yards from the end of my driveway...A TRUCK OF A DEER!!!:yikes: ...he's already a shooter...6 inches of bone up...looked like toddler legs stickin out of his head...huge deer...almost wrecked the truck...come on OCTOBER!!!

    Your Countdown Time is 0 years, 4 months and 12 days.

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    Anyone else seeing alot of very healthy looking deer out there?
  2. :)Oh how we get Like a kid in the candy store

  3. Did you sit down and figure this all out by yourself? haha, impressed. I have been seeing a lot of healthy deer so far. Nice Buck was hit on US 20 just east of Angola.
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  5. marsh, I know how you feel. right out of the back of the house there was 7 does and a group of 5 bucks checking out the alfalfa field and the kelp that I just put out a day or two ago. two of the buck had some great antlers started, can't wait. Going to put out all the trail cams soon.
  6. mmmmm...deer season...
    new bow this year
    new arrows this year
    about to have new broadheads this year
    can't wait to get in a treestand again...
  7. There were deer EVERYWHERE this morning on the way in to work. You couldn't drive by a field off the toll road without seeing a handful.

    I got so excited, I called then wife when I got in and told her to pull out a package of backstrap steaks tonight for the grill!

    Giddy indeed! I had the Browning Safari recurve out this weekend too. That is my goal for this fall....doe with old school equipment