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Open-water fishin' in Jan.!

Discussion in 'Indiana Fishing Reports' started by JL, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. Tired of reading the debate over pistol-cartridge rifles? Me too. Here, look at a fish then!


    Got one small pike, missed a nice trout, then hit this one. The eggs were spewing out of her. She was 22" and weighed in at just under three pounds. And man, was it chilly out there!

  2. Nice, looks like you know how to deal without ice.
  3. No rifle shots taken on that fish?

    Thanks for saving the day, James!

    Wow, what a fish (pretty good smile in that photo too) very pretty trout.

    Need any company for supper?
  4. He CLEARly needs some help eating that one.;)
  5. Cool Fish - JL is the fishing man! What were you using for bait?
    If I wasn't so lazy I'd get the boat out and head out and chase trout. Went on the last bow hunt today! No Deer.
  6. Don't like to give my secrets away, but you can see the tube jig in the fish's mouth...:hide:
  7. NOW THAT WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT, Way to James NICE, The weather is great for this time of year and it should get a lot of the gang off the couch and on the water.
  8. A little chilly, but my batteries are in the boat and it's running. Trying the Vexilar over the side again, hopefully the results are as good as the last time!:fish2:
  9. Two more!

    A buddy and I got two more trout tonight amidst the snow and cold.


  10. Good looking fish there James...
  11. I'm seriously perplexed about the authenticity of all those pictures J.L.....where are the Budweisers????? I'm convinced those pictures have been altered......

    Any 'eyes, Coach?