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Opener! Anyone else hunting it?

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by DEC, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. Well it is the eve of the opener on those resident honkers. Anyone else going?

    I'm taking my youngest daughter (5) out to observe her first goose hunt. She's so pumped up about it. She's been asking every day if tomorrow is the day.

    I'm going to take her to my in-laws farm pond and hunt the bank. There have been 50 to 60 residing there everyday. They've been flying in mid morning. Tomorrow there will be a surprise waiting for them.:biggrin:

    Good luck all!
  2. I'll be in Ohio for the first three days. I only have two places here to hunt the early season so I'll get to one of them Monday. Hopefully the birds will have been harrassed and start using my property.

  3. No I will not be going. I do not hunt ducks or geese. Check with pigeonflier I know he will be out there rain or shine.
  4. 410, are you hunting doves tomorrow?
    I'm taking the day off, run the dog and hope to pop a few.
  5. Quail I have to get the trailer loaded up for my wife to take the goats and go to Van Wert Ohio tomorrow to the fair and show her goats for the week end.
  6. Don't worry Bill, if I limit out tomorrow, I'll share a few birds with you for dinner.
    You may want to grab a burger on your way home:bonk:
  7. Wassup with that Bill...your wife never lets you do anything you want to do!!!
  8. Yeah, Bill, hows come you haven't been fishing much lately? Too lazy to go?
    Hopefully she'll still let you pay for our meals on the 16th!!!!???
  9. Your answer lies in the post I made on the Trail Camera Contest thread. Wife went back to school she has a trail camera on the back door so he can't slip out while she's gone. Dad's beside himself withour a fishing partner for over two weeks.
  10. Oh yes. tomorrow is the day I have been waiting for since last year. Hope it goes well. :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:
  11. Vacation Day Tomorrow

    [​IMG]Let 'em fly!! I'm all set for tomorrow, hoping for a mixed bag...doves and geese.
  12. if it flies it dies!

    Dove dinner tomorrow night, boys. Honks may be on the menu, depends if they show up during shooting hours!
  13. oldbuckkiller

    oldbuckkiller Banned

    dang i knew i forgot something. i hope to go next weekend.
  14. Getting everything packed right now. I always wait till the last moment:banghead3 :banghead3
  15. I just landed another 50 acres of wheat stubble, not 10 minutes ago. I've been seeing them in the field all week. Tried the other day to get ahold of the owner. He just called me back and said it is mine to goose hunt and no one else has permission. I'm heading there Saturday morning with my girls.:biggrin: