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Opening day report

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by bambicide, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. O.K...for all of us that have too many kids or work too my case both... didn't make the opening and might not get out at all...lets hear it!
    My opening Sunday will be taking the 7 and 8 year old to Eaglecreek to putz around and LOOK AT deer, getting out the Halloween decorations and then getting ready for my son's 9th birthday. No place I'd rather be but I do miss hunting on weekends like this. Reports and pics please.
  2. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Getting ready to leave the north side of indy, heading to my little honey hole in the morning. i will let ya know what i see!

  3. We are going to for fit the morning hunt due to the rain and scout out a bit for fresh sign and hunt during the evening. Good luck to everyone :biggrin:
  4. good luck to everyone, be safe out there.
  5. Just got back...nothing to report here. Heard deer moving around in the woods as I worked my way to my stand while walking along field edges. Got on stand by 6:40 but no deer to be seen this morning. Stupid tree rats :bash: drove me crazy all morning.
  6. My opening day report...saw 10 deer, was constantly attacked by a bombarding squirrell while picking up acorns to make whistles...all in all the kids and I had a great morning!
  7. Deer were still moving strong at 10:30am.......

    Morning tally..........4 bucks, 3 does.........everything lived.:coolgleam
  8. Nothing to report here except being invaded by crows and those pesky squirels dropping acorns. But it sure was nice to get out. Hopefully this evenings hunt will produce a deer.
  9. saw nothing this morning. i'm hunting in squirrel paridise. they were everywhere. gonna go back out this afternoon. found a couple of active runs a little further down the ridge so i'm takin my climber.
  10. Well, my little bro just called. He shot a "bambi... bambi". Hunted the same oak flat he has been in on almost every opening day for the last 20 years. Usually, he checks in his first deer and gives it to the farmer. The farmer likes them the smaller the better. Today was too warm so the farmer told him to keep it.
    Now he is forced to eat that tender pink hoo!
  11. Saw 5 does and three fawns.....fawns still had spots. Also had a hen Turkey fly by me no more than 10 yards from me. She landed then another hen came down with about 8 young turkeys. It was pretty cool...never seen turkeys come down from their roost. Might have to buy a turkey tag. It looks like I won't be hunting for a while until the weather cools off:(
  12. I had an eventfull morning bumped a few turkey off the roost, and coming out of the woods jumped another hen. The deer seemed to avoid while on stand but as i was leaving i noticed 2 does stand in the parking are near a couple other trucks, i guess i should have hunted in the truck:bonk:
  13. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Are you hunting the slough?
  14. Well everything is still alive on my end. Saw a couple of does and two small rack bucks. Went out around 2:00 and back home at 6:15 had to go away. Will try again in the morning. Really warm here.