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Opening Day Success?

Discussion in 'Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training' started by Jeffro, Nov 4, 2005.

  1. I went out this morning:
    3+ hours
    1 rooster flushed
    1 shot
    0 birds in bag :bonk:
    1 TIRED dog

    It was great to be back out!

  2. well hey

    you did better than I I am at work. What kind of dog do you have? I live in the valpo area also. Did you find private or did you hunt public land?

  3. Jeff,

    I have a 5 yr old Brittany Spaniel. She has a pretty good nose. After this morning, I've actually remembered that I'm supposed to honor her instinct when she gets birdy. If I would have followed her instead of standing to just watch I would probably have been close enough for a good shot on that rooster.

    I was hunting public land over near Kankakee. I have no access to private land for birds so it's all public grounds and put-n-take for me. e-mail me (link through member info) or send a PM if you want to get together sometime. I'm in South Haven.

  4. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Tough day today...worse conditions for a bird dog...dry, hot, and windy. Birds were spooked. One point on a hen...saw a couple of Roosters, but they flushed out of gun range.

    First time I ever put my dog up early....she was wacked by the heat. Tomorrow is another day...Go get em'
  5. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Sunday...everyone who went out had to fight the dog's been flushing birds out of range...cause for concern there...did get one point on a rooster..lucky shot on my part.

    Tough three days of hunting. Hope next weekend is cooler.

    If anyone has a training technique for a six year old Brittany (and her owner who until now thought he knew it all) to keep her from running a hot pheasant trail and flushing the bird, let me know.:banghead3

    Thanks, Cary
  6. Cary - been too hot to bird hunt IMO. My dog does the same thing until temps cool down and scent conditions improve.

  7. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Thanks, Jack. Sometimes I just need to hear that she's not the only dog with issues..I still have to figure out how to slow her down sometimes.

  8. Opener

    Slow down a Britt??? RIIIIIIIIIGHT ;) When you figure that out, let me know how you did it. How did everything look at Cedar (cover, birds, etc...)? I hit Pigeon River on Saturday. Had some nice points on hens, but only saw one rooster that I chased between to fields a couple of times before he gave me a final slip.

    No woodcock, that surprised me, that's the first opener in about 5 years that I didn't at least get a shot at a woodcock.
  9. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    The cover at Cedar Swamp was ok...but there wasn't any corn in the fields as there was last year. There is plenty of area to hunt.

    I'll probably go back sometime when it gets colder.

  10. My dog has some issues too. For example, he has a habit of live trapping quail to deliver to my hand as though he expects if left to me, that I'd miss the shot. No respect for his master at all.
    He performs socially embarrassing feats when company comes to visit.
    He gets miffed at me when asked to get out of My chair when I come into the living room. And on at least 2 occations I've caught him doing the butt rub thing accross the carpet.
  11. I had an un believable weekend, ON Sunday 4 guys shot 6 Roosters and 5 quail
    On Monday 2 guys shot 2 Roosters 1 Quail and 4 woodcocks

    The warm weather and wind was hard on the dogs but for the conditions they performed extremely well.

    We did have a beatiful point on a Skunk, Wich resulted in a stinky dog and everything the dog was around now is infested with skunk scent.

    Hope the season continues like this
  12. What county are you hunting in? Were the woodcock flight birds or residents?

  13. Sunday

    We went out Sunday most of the day as it was cooler and overcast. Hunted about 4 to 5 hours and put up 2 doves( I let them go). We hunted at Winimac hoping for a chance at something. I figures a chance at quail was likely and maybe a woodcock. We saw nothing. There was a gentleman there looking for a deer he had shot the night before that said he had seen some woodcock, but he must trounce around better than my dog because we couldn't find them.
    Myself, it isn't about the killing it's about the day. Game in the vest is a sweet bonus,but not the reason for the trip. Over all it was an okay day but it had the potential to be remarkable, had we flushed and or bagged a few.
    I am happy to hear some of you are out and enjoying good dog work and nature. The dog problems will fade as you are in the field more even more so with bird contact. Don't be afraid to hit a preserve just if nothing else to make sure the dog gets it's reward too. Experience is the only way for them to learn. I find that the first hour after a few weeks of can be difficult, I tend to get over excited myself sometimes.
    I have seen some of you mention state areas to hunt if anyone has the time PM me on those will you please. I don't need your covert. I just need to know where in the state these are located so maybe I can try someplace that atleast has hens, for the dog to point of course.
    Thanks Jeff
  14. Team- I know for a fact that Willow Slough has some birds, both pheasants and Quail. They are tough to find but look in the most remote areas and you can have minor success. You can look it up on the DNR Website

    Jack- I am not sure about the woodcocks, I am assuming flight birds because there were 15 to 20 in on field, we didn't shoot very well. How can you tell??
    The counties were, Benton, Newton.