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Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by pigeonflier, Oct 16, 2006.

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    Met up with fergie2u for opening morning. Had a good morning hunt,, except for the neighbors with air-horns
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  2. neighbors with airhorns?? what the heck is that all about.

  3. The neighbors get mad at pigeon ,when he sets up his boat and dekes 6" away from their docks!
  4. yeah or he sits in their back yard tucked in their ornamental pine trees.. waiting on the geese that they feed bread to every night.
  5. 2 widgeon, 2 wood ducks, 1 gadwall, and 1 goose was all we could muster Sunday morning.
  6. :evilsmile :evilsmile :evilsmile !!!
  7. Saturday: 3 mallards and 2 wood ducks.

    Sunday: A bust.

  8. Indiana is a great place to be in October!
  9. Man what a great time I had and thanks again for the invite pigion.
  10. Honked off city folk!!!!!!

    Look at it on the bright side....perhaps those "HONK"ing air horns called in some Geese to you!!!!

    HONK!!!! HONK!!! HOOOOOOOOONK!!!!!!! Bam!! Bam!!! Bam!!!!