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Opinion on TruGlo "Gobble Stopper" Choke tube.

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by Gunfighter45, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. Guys this is my 3rd attempt at getting a turkey. I bought a TruGlo "Gobble Stopper" Choke tube, Has anyone used them? Im useing it in a Winchester 1300 28 inch Barrel. I also want an opinion on what shot to start w/...... as a starting point to patterning my new rig. I'm pretty new to turkey hunting..... I have yet to get a shot at a bird. All i'm asking for is your opinion, i will decide from there as what will work for me.....

    Thanks in advance.:bowdown:

  2. never used that choke before but it should be good buy boxes of 4 5 and 6's of winchester extended range see what works start at 20 yds go up to 40 see where it drops off i have the 1300 st 18 inch barrel i wont hesitate to shoot 40 yds with the factory choke

  3. I have the Tru-Glo Strut Stopper, and I love it. You should be fine with your Gobble Stopper. I have never had any luck with Remington shells, of any sort. I have done well on turkeys with Winchester Supreme 5s, but last year I switched to Federal Premium 4s. Both are great shells. Good luck!
  4. Hevi-shot 5's work great for me.... I have a Primos Jelly Head for my Benelli Nova and a Mad Super Hevi-shot for my Winchester SX-2 both are dead on past 40 yards....