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Opinions: When was the peak of the rut this year?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by JohnSmiles, Feb 18, 2007.

Was the rut in full swing during gun season this year?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. Just like to know what everyone else saw.
    I myself, and almost everyone I know in person, saw a lot less deer period, so saying the peak of the rut missed gun season may be founded on less than meaningful data, so I am asking what you all saw this year.
    But, for myself, I think the rut peaked a full week, maybe two, before gun season came in.
    What did you guys see?

    I keep seeing posts wanting the peak of the rut moved out of gun season, but I don't think it was in gun season this year, or several other years that I remember.
  2. Well I hunted hard all bow season, gun season, ml season, late archery season... and I didn't see near the deer that we normally see all year.

    We did see some rutting activity the 2nd week of Nov.. last weekend of archery before gun season.. seemed to be the younger deer.. but we also seen plenty 1st week of gun season.

    I think the cold snap in Oct.. followed by the warm up in Nov.. messed w/ the deer a bit... and seemed the rut was more sporattic than normal.

    We blamed the lack of deer sightings on many issues as the season progressed...

    1st was the corn staying up soo late into the season.. prolly alot of breeding took place in the corn.

    2nd was the logging that they did around us a few years back..

    Then it was the warm weather...

    ect.. ect.. ect..

    I took my buck on opening morning of firearms.. and he was all alone not chasing does or anything. His neck was a bit swelled and he stunk to high heaven.. but not anything like my buddy's deer that he took the following morning... his buck was definately in full rut.. and neck was swelled alot more. I don't know how much any of that means... but just a little FYI.

    Was a strange season all around... Hoping for better luck next year.

  3. I think that the rut was in the first week, Saw a decent buck chasing a Doe in the middle of a corn field. But I believe it was actually the tail end of the rut by the time firearms opened this year and it started closer to the 12th or 13th of Nov. Maybe even earlier by a couple of days. All in all I did not see nearly the deer this year as in the past. Seen a couple of groups of does from a distance that had 8-12 in the group at end of first week.
  4. The peek of the Primary Breeding period was the same this year as it was in all other years prior to this past season. It doesn't change from year to year. Many people like to think that it does, but it doesn't. You can experience "The Rut" in practically all parts of November every year, but the peek is always the same every year. This is not an opinion, this is a fact.
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  5. Most people talk in terms as "rut" when the yreally mean the pre rut. When does the rut begin...... In August to early September when the deers' coats change from summer coat to winter coat and from velvet to hard antlers.

    The breeding phase is determined by the pineal gland and the light absorred by a deer's eye. Daylight hours do not change year to year by more than a few hours, (really how cloudy the year was). So we can determine the prime breeding days each year will be between November 10-20................

    You want the best days to hunt? learn to shoot a bow and hunt October 25-November 10th.
  6. . . so that was another 'yes' vote?
    I simply asked what you 'observed' this year.
    We all know what the books say.
    We all know that daylight plays a 'major role'.
    I myself simply don't think it plays the 'only role'.
    When the books don't reflect what I and others are experiencing, maybe there is a chapter or two that still needs to be written.

    And I absolutely agree with Joe here for a change.
    The best deer hunting is from the last week of October to about the middle of November.
  7. good question

    I saw 5 huge deer stuck to does on November 12th in my area......wherever the does went the bucks followed...never had seen this before and have been hunting this property since the late 80's and even more intensly in the 90's. They where running past me very fast since i was hunting the middle of a big ravine. I could see the adjacent hill all the way to the top and it was a awesome sight I will never forget!!!!! But I didnt get a buck this year....go figure. I passed on some nice 8's but I wanted to step up into bigger class deer this year and held out. Im glad and sad all in the same year. So Im guessing peak rut was sometime near the 12th of November where I hunt.