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Other side of Guiding

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by pigeonflier, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. Here's a little something from the other side of guiding that most dont see.Keep in mind that I dont meet these people before hand, they are booked from my partner through a web-site. You never know who you are meeting. This weekend we had 4 guys booked from Florida. They were here for a 4 day hunt, 2 days in Michigan with my partner and 2 days here in Indiana with me. Wouldnt you know it, they show up here in Indiana and we get 60 degree weather. Yes, it feels good but not much luck for duck'in weather. Friday morning early was clear skies. I knew we were gonna have problems, but figured we could round up a few at a private swamp I have access to. Met up with the guys at 5 AM at a gas station. Shook hands and we were off. Got everything set-up in the water and ready, sunrise came and we were off. Right away the jokes and cut-ups started pouring through these guys, which was 4 huntin' buddies and then myself and a friend that helped me out. Not much action in the first couple hours, but the laughs were 1 after another. Finally got some geese to come in and give us a real hard look with 2 circles, but no final commitment. Bummer... And then the jokes started again. Then about 3 hours into it after I had given up hope on getting any ducks in for them, all in the middle of some good laughs, I look left and see a group of 12 mallards cupped and locked. In a stern voice to break through the laughs, said "here there are" and every hand reached for a gun. Busted,, 2 flared off and the rest cirlced wide and gave a 30+ yard shot. Floated 1:banghead3 .. We ended up staying in the swamp till 12:30 that day.

    Told the guys since we didnt have a good day I would do a voluntary field/goose hunt in the evening. By the time I got the dekes picked up, packed in the boat, all that put away. Came home to get a bite and it was time to head back out and get the field hunt ready. Guys were all ready back and ready. Wouldnt ya know it, we had some good cloud cover, but the wind was whippin about 20+ mph. Saw enough geese working the area, but the wind was blocking all chance's of calling to distant flocks. once again though, had a great long laugh with these guys the whole time we were out. Had a 12 pack for after the hunt and we all stood around for another hour after it got dark for some BS time. Bummer though,, a whole day's worth of hunting and we had 1 duck.

    Day 2,,,left home at 4:30,, decided on a different location,, headed to the river. Was raining and sleeting all the way up the river and we had some more 20+ winds going on. While getting everything ready in the dark,, the laughs were roaring already. Shooting time came and in the middle of a joke here comes a pair. 1 stayed, then another pair, 1 stayed. Then a single, and he stayed. Had some hopes for a good morning,, despite the weather we were having. But that was the end of the action. Still though the jokes were runnin wild in that bunch and we hunted till 1:30.

    Bad luck in the weather but they were here and we had to hunt. Although we only killed 4 birds in 2 days, we all still had a real good time together. These guys were a blast to spend 2 days with. Heading up to Lunker's this evening to have dinner with them before the fly back to Florida in the morning.

    Point of the story,, sometmes I run into people that make for a long day,, and sometimes I run into people that the day gets over with to quick . I met some friends on this one.
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  2. Good story, Pigeon...sometimes it's not about the number of bagged game!

  3. Great Story, You probably have you some repeat customers there!
  4. Good one pigeon. Sounds like you worked hard for them. Glad they were good to get along with. Looking forward to getting out with you before the year is over.
  5. one good thing about hunting are the memories.. thats a good one Pigeon.
  6. Dinner was great,, stayed up there from 6:30 till 10:30. Needles to say I didnt make it out this morning. But had another good time. 2 days with these guys and I thought I have known them forever. Just a great weekend....
  7. :coco: Duck Hunters!!!!! Sounds like these guys were real Quack Ups!!!! Honk!!! Honk!!!!!

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!
  8. ahh,, i remember this :coolgleam :coolgleam :coolgleam
  9. You are my Good Luck charm....

    I will never forget the Day we went Duck Hunting...Pigeon.:bowdown: Looking foward to doing it again this year!!!! How many ducks we kill???:hide:
  10. Dang it Brew!!! Your not supposed to tell we didnt get anything???
  11. Good story Pigeon. DUCK HUNTERS :coco: :coco: :coco: