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    WASHINGTON — Pump prices for gasoline are rising with spring temperatures, and motorists should expect little relief during this summer's heavy driving period, the government said Tuesday.
    The Energy Department's seasonal outlook projects the price for regular gasoline this summer will average $2.62 a gallon, 25 cents higher than last summer, barring any unexpected supply disruptions.

    Gasoline prices have soared since February. Motorists are paying on average $2.686 a gallon nationwide for regular, according to the American Automobile Association, an 18-cent increase in two weeks and 40 cents higher than the national average a year ago.
  2. This is really aggravating when in the same breath they talk about record profits for oil companies. Prices currently range from $2.64 to $2.69 for unleaded regular in my county.

  3. it's all a big scam. they'll hve a thunderstorm in lou. or a threatning letter from some 3rd world group. that'll give them an excuse to make more record profits. i look for $3.00 or more by june. it's too easy for them.
  4. Gas is doing some crazy things and as long as we keep buying it the price will stay high. I have limited my running around just doing nothing. Now we go to the store one time a week, a lot less trips to town for just one thing we go to 3 or four places when we go to the store. We as Americans have been spoiled over the years we need to pull our belts in and stop and think about what were doing.
  5. Maybe if Congress wouldn't have so many ties to Oil Companies, we would have started to use more alternative fuels by now and limited ourselves on our oil dependency.

    I understand that we continue to drive everywhere and have been spoiled in the past, but couldn't the US have learned after the Oil Embargo of the 70's to try and find a different way to run our vehicles and heat our homes.

    It is all a big scam IMHO. Investors talk about negative things regarding crude oil and the price per barrel goes up $2.00. I also love how gas stations raise their prices in reaction to the price of a barrel of oil. Didn't the gas station or the company who owns the gas station buy their supply stock of gasoline and then raise the price even more than what they had already set. Am I wrong for thinking that is price gouging in a way?

    I don't know! It doesn't pay to get upset about it because this is not change for a number of years.
  6. I have said it before and will continue to say it. Alternative fuel ideas have been around for a long time. Those ideas get silenced either by $ or by the strong arms of the oil companies.
  7. Pigeon, build a light frame rack tie on the birds, and have your pigeons fly you to work...make them earn all that birdseed.
  8. Crown Point $2.85 a Gal. :banghead3
  9. why dont all americans start buying just one companies gas so the others get overloaded thus starting gas wars between oil companies wich will lower the pricing from all the oil companies ,lets all pit them against themselfs
  10. was watching o"reily last nightand he was saying next yr. brizil one of the richist oil producers other than saudi arabia will be oil free and will be strictly use ethanol. e also said the government and big oil co's have screwed the working man bcause they didn't want to and still don't so guess what ..................WE ARE AT THEIR MERCY. AND THEY WILL ALWAYS WANT RECORD PROFITS.
  11. I agree with James
    I heard the other day on the news that prices were expected to go up because our source for ethanol produced in this country is going dry. We cant keep up so in order for us to get the fuel grade alcohol to run our stuff we have to import it. Raising the gas prices. If brazil can go ethanol then why the hell cant the greatest country on the face of this planet.
    I have been convinced for a long time that my generation will live through a depression.
    Jobs leaving the country + americans unable to afford daily living + rising cost of all services and products in this country X a government that runs a country to be completely dependent on the rest of the world = depression.
  12. how true!! brizil is producing their ethonol by sugar. sugar cane grows just fine in this country. our problem is gov. and oil co. GREED
  13. ACKKK.....prices jumped 10 to 14 cents per gallon the last 2 days. :mad: