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Our "Deer Weather" is about to change......

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Scarlet Dew, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. Look out for next week gang...........High winds, Storms ......then changing to rain and snow with lows in the upper 20's and highs only in the 40's are predicted for next week by Thursday.

  2. friday

    Take next Friday off to deer hunt all day, if you can!!

  3. There must be a god. I already had vacation scheduled for wed, thur, fri, and the following mon. 6 days of hunting with good weather...Boooinnngg!
  4. I must be looking at something different, shows mid 40s to low 60s for next weekend. Where are you guys hunting that your getting 20s? I'm jealous!!
  5. No kidding!! I don't see anywhere that temps are falling that low.....I wanna hunt with you guys!!:gaga:
  6. Hopefully the farmers will get a lot more harvesting done by thursday! That would help me out a bunch!
  7. Most all of our beans are still up due to the recent monsoons. I am told that the farmers will be getting them off starting tomorrow. I have also heard that cool weather will be coming word:

  8. Boy, I sure picked the wrong week to take off...action was SLOW.
    Slow but not dead, I did have freash venison for supper tonight!!!!!!!!
  9. YEP! Thats the plan!
  10. Warsaw, IN.........

    Thursday's Forcast............39 high...............28 low

    Gotta love it!!!! :coolgleam
  11. arent they calling for really high winds too? I dont like hunting when its windy. But i love hunting in the cold weather thats for sure.
  12. Hopefully the wind will lay down a little by Thursday afternoon with the leading edge of the front cruising past. Friday and Saturday will be the days to hunt. Although, deer will feel the temps drop all day Thursday and might move right before dark if the wind isn't too bad.
  13. Can't wait for the weather change that east wind killed me last weekend, but I was lucky enough to see deer. I could use my carbon in the morning, but too hot in the evening.
  14. They are calling for high winds here on Friday. Hope it is wrong. I'm thinking of calling in sick Friday morning. Fortunately, my boss is very understanding as he is ... well um ... ME.:biggrin:

    If the winds lay down some Friday should be real good.