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Our neighboring state puts up another BIG one

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by DEC, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. Unbelievable,what an awesome deer!

  2. Don't they use the OBR........why yes they do. See what we have to look forward to gents.
  3. DEC, please don't post anymore pictures of mature non-typicals.....some of us haven't gotten over last years missed opportunity

    Lesson learned from 2005.....DO NOT HUNT WITH SMOOTHBORE SHOTGUN! I am more accurate with my bow @ 40 yards than I am with that "retired" gun.
    -R.I.P. Remington 870 smoothbore...​
  4. Step up to the plate with an Encore and you wont have that problem.

    Thats right trdnlbwhntr, got another one! mzldr and slg...oh yeah! You analogy didnt work but it broke the ice just enough.
  5. rex buck

    Justed watched an old hs primetime9 dvd and Rex was on there at his property in Ohio, trying to manage it for deer with plots, clearcutting trash trees. Looks like it payed off last year. One of those rare instances when a guy that has worked hard to become a good hunter and manage his property actually gets the true giant.
  6. if that don't make a bowhunter druel nothin will.
  7. I see this deer was killed with a crossbow.........too bad.

    Are crossbow kills eligible for P&Y and B&C?
  8. In the p&y website it just says bow and arrow, so i guess not, i could be wrong, and not sure about b&c.
  9. YEP!

    And crossbows are regular archery too!
  10. crossbows are not legal for the Pope and Young.... I know that for a fact...
  11. This just goes to show you what is possible with a One Buck Rule, AND holding a short firearms season after the primary breeding period. Ohio is doing it right for sure. Look for Ohio to continue to produce monsters like this for their residents. The cool part is that the Ohio DNR is actually excited for their residents and seem very positive about producing big bucks. Notice that this buck is shown on their official DNR website. There is still hope for Indiana......we just have to keep plugging away. GO OBR!!!!!!!!!

    Also, notice what their head DFW official had to say about Ohio Deer Management....“Trophy bucks on opening day are getting to be a tradition in Ohio,” said Steven A. Gray, chief of the Division of Wildlife. "The state’s deer management program is designed to manage for trophy-sized bucks while controlling the state population through hunting of deer, especially does."
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  12. Nice deer but i think it is a shame to get one with a crossbow unless the guy that shot it was handicapped i would have rather have seen a compound next to it but still nice deer.