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Out-Of-State Comment On PCR's

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by M4Madness, May 25, 2007.

  1. Since there has been much heated discussion regarding out-of-state residents offering comments on the PCR issue, I personally read through 141 pages of public comment in the NRC's 162-page report on the administrative rule changes.

    I could only identify 13 out-of-state residents among the 464 people who commented on the PCR issue. That's less than 3% of those who commented. They are as follows:

    JJ M. -- West Virginia (page 34)

    Greg H. -- Ohio (page 35)

    Jonathan S. -- No state listed, but says he's a non-resident (page 35)

    John A. -- Maine (but owns & hunts land in Indiana) (page 36)

    David M. -- Texas (hunts on family land here in Indiana) (page 59)

    Toby B. -- No state listed (page 61)

    Russell S. -- Virginia (former Indiana resident) (page 70)

    Kevin W. -- Illinois (hunts Indiana) (page 105)

    Warren W. -- Ohio (hunts Indiana) (page 107)

    Michael R. -- Texas (page 124)

    Timothy D. -- Ohio (page 125)

    Dennis N. -- Kentucky (plans to hunt Indiana) (page 129)

    Karl M. -- New Mexico (plans to hunt Indiana) (page 135)
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  2. You can (I would) discount anything Toby B(ridges) says about anything that doesn't make Toby money... (double discount it if it does...)

    Michael R of Texas (Ranch Dog) has probably forgotton more about cast bullets/cast bullet accuracy than anyone but Elmer Keith. He is a Facts-Only man.

    That leaves only 6 others with no mentioned/previous ties to Indiana.

    Yeah, sure looks like the Non Residents skewed the results... :rolleyes:
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  3. The NRC says that 81% were in favor of PCR's. Even if the comments of those who were identified as non-residents were excluded, the percentage of those in favor of legalizing PCR's would still be slightly over 78%.
  4. Guys.....its over....lets move on!:16suspect
  5. I made a commitment in another thread to compile the above list, and felt that it would be better to post a new thread instead of hijacking the other one. :)
  6. YOUR RIGHT ROOKIE Here we go same oh. same oh, move on and I still say NO RIFLES FOR DEER HUNTING IN INDIANA.
  7. Oh, I've moved on alright -- I've advanced to putting together my PCR package.

    I wouldn't have even been as vocal on the whole PCR issue if it weren't for all the misinformation and flat-out lying that we've seen over the last few months by the anti-PCR crowd. The latest falsehood was that out-of-state residents were the reason for PCR's being allowed. We've now completely debunked that theory, so yes, it is time to move along. Unless of course someone starts spouting misinformation again.
  8. False info........


    One day you must become educated on the IP address and the world of emails. You counted those who said they were non residents, not all who actually were/are. Ask Woody to check IP addresses for you, he can chase

    This was not an issue brought up by a anti PCR person! It was brought to the front by aIDNR official at the meeting of the NRC. Paint a picture any way you like but the days of non-residents comments being counted in a poll of Indiana citizens is over......

    Played that hand before the crossbow issue........I love it!
  9. Joe, my lack of access to IP addresses of those who responded to the NRC left me to do the best I could with what I had to work with.

    If you don't want input even by out-of-state residents who actually hunt here, then I can accept that as well. But you and I both know that out-of-state comment had no effect on swaying the NRC's decision. To get to the NRC's figure of 81% in favor and 19% opposed, that would mean 376 respondants were for and 88 against. 145 of those supporting respondants would have to be non-residents in order to swing the majority over to those against PCR's. That's a rather large number, and astronomically unlikely.

    And that's not counting the large number of people that I've spoke with locally who were for the PCR's, but never bothered to e-mail in their support. I can guarantee you that more resident hunters support the PCR issue than not. In fact, I've said it multiple times that I've yet to meet someone IN PERSON who is against PCR's.

    Again, I agree with you that perhaps something should be done about non-resident input. I still feel that if they hunt here, that they should have some say. But if the majority feel that they should have no say at all, I can live with that as well
  10. How many NRs helped with the legislation to end High Fence by commenting in opposition to that?

    Just curious...

    I suppose those comments were a bad thing too?
  11. What makes you think the high fence controversy is ended? They are still open and fighting to stay open. I'd almost have to say the out=of-state input helped the wrong side in that one.

  12. You are exactly right on that Jack........
  13. I have to reply........


    You posted this......

    How many NRs helped with the legislation to end High Fence by commenting in opposition to that?

    Just curious...

    I suppose those comments were a bad thing too?

    You were not at any of the meetings, you never sent an email comment and I don't believe you were even a resident of Indiana at that time. How did you get to the point of comparison? Or was it Clarence Williams who gave you the answer? You might know him as Woody......
  14. And as Jack said..............

    You really need to get the story correct before trying to post it........ the High fence issue was not or has not been decided.

    Have your buddy type your response then copy and paste it. I hope you are better informed on ballistics......;)