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Out of state hunter needing help

Discussion in 'Questions about Indiana Hunting/Fishing Laws' started by JBARCHER, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. I will be hunting Indiana nov 19th and 20th, what do I need for permits and hunter orange te meet state regulations. How much are the license and can I get The extra deer tags for this weekend, and how much? THanks for the help.

  2. An article of solid hunter orange, like a hat, or vest or jacket. Camo orange doesn't count. Dan is right about the cost. The antlerless permit would be good for the gun season and the muzzleloader season in December. The regular license, buck tag is only good for gun season but not for muzzleloader season.
  3. In addition to the correct advice above, note that your Non-res. deer lic. is your hunting lic. No need to purchase a regular hunting lic. like many states. You must have a lic. for each deer you hunt/take. All lic. are the same cost. A Firearms lic. is only good for an antlered deer (one antler at least 3 inches long). A bonus tag is only good for antlerless deer. You may buy one Fireamrs tag, and up to 4 bonus tags, which all may or may not be used in any one county, which is clearly spelled out in the hunting regs. at the provided link. The muzzleleoader tag mentioned is only valid during the muzzleloader season, which is not open this weekend, but is an either-sex tag, provided you have not already harvested an antlered animal.