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OUT of STATE REPORT: Kentucky Lake

Discussion in 'Indiana Fishing Reports' started by WarEagle, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. Sauger and catfish have been the best fishing this week.

    Sauger have been spotty but very good some days in the tail waters of Lake Barkley. Most have been caught close to the dam and a few catches have come from farther down stream. 2" and 3" Sassy Shad alone and also tipped with minnows have been catching most. A few scattered catches have come from the canal area on Lake Barkley.

    Blue cats have been hitting well along the river channel in Kentucky Lake. A few catches of blue cats have been caught below Kentucky Dam. Cut shad and shad guts have been good baits.

    Stripers have been slow.

    Some good catches of crappie have come from the Jonathan Creek on Kentucky Lake. Minnows and hair jigs caught most. Hair jigs have worked better than plastic.

    There has been little largemouth and bluegill fishing to report.

    TIP: Stay safe around the cold water.

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    KUTTAWA, KY 42055

  2. Thanks for the report. I have always wanted to go try for the big cats below the dams on Kentucky Lake and Barkley Lake.


  3. I'm lucky. I have all of Indiana and Kentucky for a territory. I get to fish a lot of different water... and meet a lot of different people.

    Malcolm Lane is a heck of a guy, if you ever go, look him up.

    I get a new report every week from him. Makes me want to go fishing every time I read one.

  4. I used to have a great uncle that lived on Kentucky Lake down in Buchanan, TN. The bluegill fishing was outstanding!
  5. Fishing has been scattered this week. The weather has kept most
    fishermen inside.

    Some sauger have been caught in the tail waters of both
    lakes. Most have ben caught bouncing minnows off the bottom. Sauger in
    the lakes have been slow mostly because of the windy conditions. It has
    been hard to fish the main lake.

    Bluegill and largemouth are slow.

    There has been very little crappie fishing to report. The temps have warmed
    and fishing will improve when the winds let up a bit.

    TIP: Sometimes in winter the warmest water is near the shore.

    This Report Provided By:

    KUTTAWA, KY 42055
  6. Hey WAR EAGLE,
    I live in Franklin also. Maybe we can get together sometime and go bass fishing. I have a few good spots and by looking at the picture you posted, so do you.

  7. I could tell you about my hotspots... but then I'd have to kill you. ;)

    You bet, I am always looking for someone to fish with. I am going today as a matter of fact. 60* here in Whiteland supposedly.

    Look me up anytime.

  8. I talked to a guy that went last Sunday just across the IN / IL state line. They caught 50 bass. Several in the 5 - 7 lbs. range. Using suspended stick baits with added stick on weights to slow down the float back up. Working it very, very, very, very slow. GOOD LUCK!
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  9. I stuck a nice largemouth on a suspending husky jerk yesterday. These are the days of crank and stall slow fishing. Not my favorite way to fish, but what works, works.

  10. My dad went out yesterday and caught 6 nice 'gills. He tried the suspended bait tactics for bass but got no takers.

  11. Hey War,
    Know of any good places we can go here in Franklin??? Im kinda looking for some place to go fish for an hour or so in the evenings or whatever, ya know just one of the spur of the moment trips. I sometimes fish over next to Hillview Country Club. I only get run off from there about 10% of the time. Do you know where Norton Farm is, if not its the big farm out by The Legends golf course. I fish there alot. Now that deer season is over all im thinking about is roughing up the meat on my thumb taking bass off the hook.
  12. Well, I spend a lot of time at Atterbury. I do know Norton Farms. I have never fished there however. I fish Sugar and Blue creeks a lot. And I head over to Martinsville and fish a lake called Sycamore. Especially in cold water weather.

    It has recently been turned into a pay lake. $5 for 24hrs. Kind of sucks to pay to fish, but they have done a lot of work to it and I think it will actually slow down some of the fishing pressure at least here at first. I catch a ton of bass and crappie over there.

    I also have a few friends in Greenwood who live in housing additions and they have lakes I fish sometimes.

    Let's get out next time the weather looks close to good.

  13. I must first appologize to Malcolm Lane... he got me his report for Kentucky Lake last week like he always does. I was in Florida and did not get it out.

    Here is this weeks report:

    Fishing and fishing activity has picked up lately. The warmer weather
    has had more out fishing than the past several weeks.

    Crappie have been hitting minnows in 4' to 6' of water around wood close to deep water.
    That has slowed the past two days. The lakes were up several feet from
    winter pool and have dropped sharply back to winter pool the past two
    days. Fishing below the dams has been slow because of the high levels.
    They have started dropping back to normal and fishing should improve in
    the tail waters as soon as the levels get down.

    There has no bluegill fishing to report.

    Sauger has been good and slow in the lakes and slow in the tail waters. The days are getting longer and fishing will start to improve over the rest of the winter with those cold front slow downs.

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    KUTTAWA, KY 42055

  14. Crappie fishing has been good during the warm days this past week. Good
    size and good numbers of crappie have been taken shallow. Fishing minnow
    and jigs under bobbers set at 4' to 6' have been working very good.
    Fishing around wood that is in or very near deep water has been the
    pattern. Mid day to late afternoon seems to be the better times.

    The rivers below the dams are high and there has not been much activity
    there. Catfishing has been good along the old river channels and in the
    mouth of the bigger creek channels. Bottom bouncing several different
    baits has been the method.

    Fishing will be better on the days with sunshine and west wind. Crappie will continue
    to improve as we move towards spring. The cold fronts will slow things but they will
    improve again quickly.

    TIP: Remember the warmer water is along the shorelines.

    This Report Provided By:

    KUTTAWA, KY 42055