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Outdoors Festival

Discussion in 'Frontpage Polls' started by MI Duck Hunter, Dec 31, 2005.

Whould you support by attending an Indiana Outdoors Festival?

  1. Yes

    48 vote(s)
  2. No

    3 vote(s)
  3. Maybe

    8 vote(s)
  1. Would you support, by attending, an outdoors festival that took place during the summer that showcases all aspects of the outdoors? This would include Hunting, fishing, trapping, wildlife viewing, camping and all that goes along in the outdoors adventure. There would be Outfitters, guides, manufacturers, retail, Biology, DNR, ect...

    This is just a thought, but it's something that might be fun to get involved in. I have thoughts that I will relay later in this post if it takes off in a positive manner.

  2. I'm with you MIDH.

    Not like the Hommond Outdoor Sports Show a real outdoors festival. :cool:

  3. Sounds interesting. I would be for it as long as I didn't have to drive more than 1 1/2 hours to get to it. :yikes:

  4. Also, I was thinking of finding a place to have it west of Indy and not in Indy because of the cost. So it is more centrally located. I was also think about wild game food too so people can try game that they have never had before.

  5. Now you're talkin', that's closer to me. I don't know if they would even be interested in doing this but I go to Nancy's Broken Arrow to 3D Shoot when they have the shoots. They have a considerable amount of property around their shelter and small pond. I don't know how big this thing would be but that would be a great place to have it if they were interested in providing the area for such an event. They are located in Cloverdale, IN and have an awesome archery shoot operation. Without me getting to carried away, they have 40 3D targets placed throughout the woods and open fields. I'm talking Moose, Caribou, Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Bear, Wild Boar, Coyote, and the list goes on and on. It is an awesome place to shoot and would be an awesome place to hold such an event you are talking about. You can find contact and direction info for Nancy's Broken Arrow by Googling their name.

  6. I think that it would be a wonderful idea as long as it were to be for the right reasons. It is hard to do anything anymore because everyone is so money hungry (B. BOOMERS) but if you could get vendors there (I mean real vendors not some slap nut that wants to sell Mexican dreamcatchers as Native American, and pocket knives for $5.00) then I think it would be a wonderful. It is just going to be really hard because people do not want to do things for a good cause or reason any longer. I have a little organizational and management expierence and think that if you would be interested in doing it, you could make it a very successful event. :coolgleam
  7. What kind of organizational and management expierence do you have? Are you thinking about starting an event?
  8. Sounds like an interesting idea. I'm not so sure about the venders, but the idea sounds good.
  9. I think I want to do this for the right reasons. I don't care to make any money, but on the other hand I don't want to lose money either. The whole idea is to get people together, see new products and share ideas. In other words, celebrate our love for the outdoors.

  10. There are a group of guys on another hunting forum (I will not metion the name) that have a festival every year up in Michigan. Theirs is mainly for duck hunting. What they do is get together at one of the guys farm and everyone brings a dish to pass along with items that they make like deoys, calls and lanyards and people also bring to sell or trade items that they no longer use or want to upgrade. I was thinking that this would be a great way to start here in Indiana (Grass roots). We would also be more diverse by including all aspects of the outdoors. We can try to find donations of things for the outdoors (not mexican made dream catchers) to give away as door prizes. If it looks like we have a good start, we can grow it. These are just some of my thoughts.


    Oops, almost forgot, it will also allow us to bring animal mounts to show off and maybe even hides for show and sale... ect.
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  11. Do it man, do it!!! Now that deer season is over I'm already itchin' to do something. I went shopping for a yote gun today. Found a nice little Rossi .223 single shot that would work.

  12. festival

    the 1st one will be a blessing for hunters and then we could all hit the forum and exchange ways to improve it.
  13. sounds very good to me!:grouphug:
  14. Think they could get Jimmy Huston to be a guest speaker?:bash: