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Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by DocB, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. I went and shot my bow at the outdoorsman yesterday. Found out that Scott no longer works there. Does anyone know what happened or where he went? I also found out that I need to do a lot more shooting before season. At times I was right on. All four arrows within a few inches. Other times they were all over the target. The shooting muscles need to get back in shape.
  2. Wondered why I had not seen him in there in a while.... Don't know where he went.

  3. I heard a few months back that he left, I heard from someone that he's at Gander Mountain in Greenwood but I haven't been in there so I don't know for a fact.
  4. I'm sure he brought a lot of money into the place. He knew what he was doing. I'll have to run over to Gander Mountain and see if he's there.
  5. I just called The Outdoorsman and Scott started his own bow string business. The guy told me he's making strings for Team Realtree, 10 point crossbows, Horton crossbows, and a couple other companies.
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