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Outfit my boat

Discussion in 'Boating and Boat Rigging' started by Flintlocker, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. I have a 18' v-hull, with a 901hp evenrude, that I would like to outfit for occasional near shore service on Lake Michigan. This boat was used up there by the previous owner. However, he stripped the radio, downriggers and all of that sort of stuff for his new boat.

    Question: What equipment do those of you who run the lake consider essensial and what is just plain handy to have aboard.

    I have the PFD's, trolling motor, and fish finders. I fish larger lakes in our area. I just don't want to get on the big water and not be prepared.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. never been on michigan...but i would say your 901HP evinrude ought to get you around...hahaha

  3. Side Slapper is the guy you want to talk to about this, maybe send him a PM, I'm sure he'd be a great resource.
  4. Safety is always first. You can go to to check the Indiana boating laws and the U.S. Coast Guard required distress signals. Be sure to check the expiration date on your distress signals.
    I will not go out without a VHF radio, and a GPS locatoin is good, if you need help.
    A few other things I always carry are, a danforth type anchor with 5'-6' of chain and 100' of rope, a good fire extinguisher, flashlight, paddle, and 6'-8' boat hook.
    We can go on for a long time on fishing gear....... and I would be glad to help you with what I know.
    What type of fishing are you doing?
    It would be great to get a few boats togather for a day of fishing.
  5. side slapper is right on the money. Make sure you really watch the weather. I have been on that lake when she decided, without my approval to switch wind direction. I got half drowned two years ago when the winds went from SW to NE in about 20 minutes time the wave went from 1-2 footers to 4-6 with an occasional 7 footer coming over the bow and grace us with his presence. Stay close to shore unless you absolutly know wexactly where you are going. I've been fishing that lake for 15 years and still won't venture out past a couple of miles. Be safe.
  6. Thanks for the info. Some of those items I had considered, some I had not.

    Our first trips up will probably be more of the pleasure boating variety, but I do envision trying for some trout/salmon and perch.

    What ports do you all prefer? Ideally, my favorite port would have camping, and plenty of parking.

    Thanks again for letting me pick your brains.